DD 14 = 1-4th March 2012

1st March:

Top: Early morning rituals with Button... snuggles with Mummy after breakfast watching a DVD! Normally she is out of her PJ's by then though - obviously this was a lazy day!

Bottom: The very decadent hot chocolate I bought while out with my friend Deirdre for a girly-night! Mmmmmm!!!!

2nd March:

Fly hunting... Button had found a fly limping along the ground and became quite fascinated as it didn't fly away (injured I suspect)! Kept telling me all about it :-)!

3rd March:

It started with Mr.C and Button reading in bed... it was too cute, especially as she had to be holding her 'Mr Rabbit' as well (a crucial element at all bedtimes)!

Then I got to attend a lovely baby shower put on for a good friend from church... it was lovely to see her so blessed! But I am not kidding when I say at least 3/4 of the ladies attending were pregnant or had babies under 6 months old, and the other 1/4 were Grandmothers (or soon to be Grandmothers of the aforementioned friend)! I have never been to such a babyfied baby-shower; hahaha!

The bottom two pictures show Mr.C's first attempt at baking gluten-free bread... wasn't perfect (was yummy though); but he has got it perfected now ;-)!

4th March:

The second, and perfect, loaf of gluten-free bed.

Can you see the cat for the chaos!?! This was the spare bed in the spare room that day... it did get better as the week wore on, but is pretty much back at this level again now - oh dear! I think the cat 'discovered' this possy as the room was toddler-safe, and she had the chance to sleep without being toddler-handled ;-)!

And away she goes... 'I can eat spaghetti without your help, thank you Mum'!

Me and 'lil M at 34 weeks... while I am of a similar size as what I was with Button, I suspect that this child will be bigger. I carried SO much water with Button, that within two weeks of having given birth I had lost 12 kgs - all down the toilet *grin*! Never peed so much in my life... This time it is ALL baby, the tummy is hard constantly and there is no swelling whatsoever - I still fit my wedding ring, and that was taken in 5 sizes just after I got pregnant due to the weight loss I had managed after Button was born (remember, I lost my engagement ring due to the weight loss late last year). I am not expecting it to be so easy this time... but still no stretch marks; that has to be good huh?!?


I thought of you the other day when I spent a frantic 2hrs looking for my engagement ring, but I found mine in the airing cupboard thankfully. You look great! And cute photos of Button xx
Oh fun -"can eat spaghetti on my own" time :-)
The bread looks great, and you are looking pretty good too :-)
Cat said…
I'm still stuck at the cold chocolate xx
The baking looks lovely and your bump just beautiful
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