DD 16 = March 11-15th 2012

March 11th:

Daddy makes bed time fun... love the right hand one, although the quality is BAD; I tried getting them to turn around so I could take a photo away from the light but neither were being very cooperative that night ;-)! So this is the best I could get unfortunately; thankfully my daughter appears to have a reasonably strong stomach!

March 12th:

More fun with Daddy - he is the fun-machine!!!!!!!

March 13th:

The second before I clicked the shutter Button had her head down on her toy... it was too cute, but I missed it and she wouldn't do it again despite much coaxing!!!!!

March 14th & 15th:

Once more I cannot decide if these photos are better in colour or black/white... so you get both! Button is starting to understand about posing for the camera - she loves seeing the pictures after I have taken them; so that is how I bribe her to smile, but it doesn't always work for making her stand still! She stands for a second then comes running at me to 'see' the photo - not always possible! However, here are a few where not only did she smile, but she stayed still long enough for the actual photo to be taken:

New boots below... very popular at the moment!

This bottom right one is her coming for me asking to 'see' the photo... ;-)!


love the carton sledge :-) They are universal toys. Great photos and i love seeing them so regularly.
Amy said…
Oh, I'd forgotten about your sled! We totally have to get one set up for Munchkin! So much fun!
And I love the posing photos of Button.
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