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I am currently using our 'good' car, the toyota (it is the one with the air-conditioning *grin*), while poor hubby has the big old HOT subaru (with the black leather seats, urghh)! We swap over winter though, as the subaru chews through the petrol something chronic, and Mr.C does a LOT more driving than me throughout the week.

Anyway - the point is, in the toyota there is only a radio and tape deck, no CD player at all (and yet it's not that old)! So this summer I have been having fun going back through my old teenage tapes and introducing Button to some good old 1980's Christian rock music; I am guessing most of you won't even have heard of most of the singers I listen too... but the more I sing along loudly to this music - the more grateful I am for the strong foundations I have had the privilege of growing up with. This is something I want to offer my children also - as one thing I have discovered for myself, just as many others have, music stays with you forever! I still, even after all this time, know the lyrics to all these albums just like I was listening to them regularly yesterday.

And despite my Mothers shock at some of the music and her constant harping on about 'turning that music down'; I'm (as an adult) really impressed at the depth of the lyrics and some of the topics they touch on!

My current favourites are DeGarmo and Key, as well as The Imperials and Brian Duncan... I know, I know - you're scratching your head and wondering who on earth I am talking about!

Well - let me introduce you to my favourite song at the moment:

Here are the lyrics to go with the beautiful song:

I'm Accepted
DeGarmo & Key

I may not be rich
Don't wear fashion clothes
Don't live in a mansion
Don't have much that shows
Never won a contest in popularity
Don't have much to offer
But Jesus loves me

I'm accepted, accepted
I'm accepted by the One who matters most

Never set a record in sports agility
Never was magnetic in personality
That don't really matter
I'll do the best I can
'Cause there's a God above me
Who loves me like I am

I'm accepted, accepted
I'm accepted by the One who matters most

If you think you're a loser
When you fail it seems at everything you do
Just remember there's a Savior
And you are worth enough
He gave His life for you

I'm accepted, accepted
I'm accepted by the One who matters most

Even at 36 & 3/4 (oh - did I just admit that outloud), I need to be reminded of this now and then... sadly Dana Key passed away sometime over the past 12 months; I remember hearing about it, but can't remember when it was.

Now you'll need to excuse me, I have never added a video before; least of all from YouTube (I avoid websites like this most of the time - I have enough addictions as it is *grin*), so if the link doesn't work - my most sincere apologies! But feel free to then leave me a comment with instructions on how to do it properly also, and I'll try again... ;-)! It really is worth listening too, in my humble opinion!

In all my decluttering I discovered my 'Song Book' from my teenage years (it has since been thrown away), where I wrote down the lyrics to all my favourite songs at the time... 'I'm Accepted' was the very first song in that book; and it still touches me that deeply now.

Thank you Mum and Dad for the strong foundations, thank you for allowing us to explore our own likes and dislikes (especially regarding music), but for guiding us in the 'right' direction... it is something I want to pass onto our children, and something I will forever be in your debt for.


Thank you :-) We were touched by your final paragraph.
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