New Bedroom for Button...

Button moved into her new 'Big Girls Bedroom' yesterday, with no problems whatsoever... we'd emptied it out three weeks ago as the 'spare room' and moved that; and had then moved a lot of her toys into it - explaining along the way this was going to be her new room soon. 

So yesterday was finally the big move with her cot, 
the final piece:

Keeping an eye on the proceedings, and then taking the final screw down the stairs for Daddy!

Watching with interest as Daddy puts it back together, and then we just had to test that the mattress was as bouncy downstairs, as it had been upstairs!

The final touches:
1) The cot fully made up with Wiggles blanket and all
2) Her curtains going up in the new bedroom

Quick look around her bedroom...
Still got to get her some draws, will be giving her some new curtains (these will go into the new baby's room eventually), and some decals.

So still some work to do - stay tuned!


Looking good ;-).
Cute - hope she slept well in her new room!
Amy said…
Looks lovely! Glad that the transition is going well. Any pics of the 'new' spare room? Only 'cos of course I am a curious soul, and have the vested interest of knowing we will stay there at some point or other! Grin.
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