The New Spare Room - as requested!

Here you go Amy... the new spare room; loving it! Just hope it stays this tidy :-)!

Top Left - Looking from the bookshelves down towards end of bed and white cupboards (which hides a doorway into the neighbours part of the house...)
Top Middle - Inside of white cupboards... TIDY and decluttered! I should have taken a pre-tidy photo; but it would have been TOO embarrassing!
Top Right - Looking from the front of the cupboards back towards the bed and bookshelves.

Bottom Left - Closer up view of the bookshelves... so tidy, so organised! These shelves have taken the overflow from my lounge bookshelves, which now look like they're supposed to! I LOVE it (oh, and I LOVE books)!!!!!!
Bottom Right - Looking in from the door...

You will note there are still no photos of the window side of the bed... it is still a 'storage corner' with baby stuff! But this weekend we are swapping over the top bedrooms, which means that there will be room to put these things away in their correct places, yay! So the room will be totally tidy then... hmmm, well maybe not - currently the bed holds all of Button's clothes in boxes until we buy her some draws; as well as the stroller (until we sell the x-trainer and it can go back where it belongs by the back door).

Only things left to do for this room is to put some more pictures up (of which we'd need to purchase first - so that'll be a way down the line), and replace the dead bulbs in the lights above the bed.

More photos of the rearrange will probably happen next week, after this weekends final effort...

Stay tuned, as it is such riveting stuff (especially if you've never been here before - hahaha)!


Ahhh yes - the 'stuff' will have to go before we can sleep there when 'lil M arrives :-).....
looking good though!! well done.
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