Still here... still intact!

Only 5 weeks to go... and counting.

But that is not the reason I have been silent; well, okay - maybe part of the reason, but no the WHOLE reason :-)!

I have been cleaning, decluttering, changing rooms, dealing with toddlers and generally keeping myself BUSY before this next child arrives!

I guess it really comes down to nesting...

BUT I know I won't get this opportunity again for a long while, so am making the most of it! While Mr.C is very proud of how much this Clutter-Bug has thrown away; I think he is getting worried about me over-doing it, and I have been told to slow down a bit!

I have been taking photos daily still, but have yet to sort them or prepare them for blogging - hoping to get a post or two up tomorrow, as it is my 'sleep-in' day!

Got a whole lot of other posts floating around in this old brain also... not sure what will win though ;-)!

Stay tuned, and check back tomorrow!


Looking forward to seeing you more. Amy and I were just bemoaning your lack of posts the other day.
Amy said…
I have been wondering what you've been up to. Loved reading these new posts about your doings! You sound totally like you are nesting. I hope it's fun!
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