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This is REAL LIFE...

I am the Mum of a toddler (who will be two years old tomorrow) and a new born (2.5 weeks old); and as such, my home and family will never be the same!
* I am walking around requiring crowbars to hold my eyes open today... 'lil M had us up from 10pm-12am, then from 2am to 3:30am and again at 5am! Button then woke at 6:45am - the time Hubby is supposed to be leaving the house for work, as it was he was only getting out of bed then, woken by the toddler! We'd even had an early night last night - heading upstairs at 8pm, and light out by 8:30pm... thankfully, or I could be feeling worse again!
* My house is a mess, it already looks like a hurricane has hit it - and yet the toddler has only been awake an hour! I always TRY and tidy it after she has gone to bed at night, but sometimes I wonder why!
* There are two loads of washing waiting to be folded, and three loads still waiting to be washed - and I can't imagine it getting any better than this with…

SO much to share...

And yet SO little time...
Just wanted to pop in and say I am still alive and kicking; unfortunately with a new-born and a toddler, there is very little time to do anything except survive ;-)!
I have so many posts buzzing around in my sleep-deprived brain, and so many photos and little things I want to share... but just not enough hours in the day to do even the basic things, let alone the extra's such as blogging! However, I am still trying to keep up with your blogs - but I just don't have the time to comment as I'd like too :-(!
So I will be taking a little hiatus for the next while, until things calm down and start gaining some kind of vague routine around here. If I have the time to pop in and post a few photos - I will, promise... but ;-)!!!!!
With that in mind - here are a few photos to make you go awwwww:

Chatting with Mum

Snuggles with Nana

Daddy of two

Lots of role-playing going on - this is Button bathing her baby doll Ruby...

All wrapped up after first bath - clean and s…


Asher Luke Anthony (from here on in to be known as 'lil M).

Details: * Labour started after my waters broke at 11pm on Wednesday 11th April. * By 3am 12th April they were 3-5 minutes apart, so we headed into hospital. * Got to hospital at 3:30am, 5cm dilated - got epidural, but by the time they gave it to me I knew he was on his way. * Started pushing at 4:46am; only got the last two pushes pain-free though *grin*.  * Asher was born at 4:56am
Weighing: 6pd 13 (3110g) Measuring: 50cm long 
From this to that is just 6 hours:

The Sibling Comparison:
Top: Button on her first day Bottom: 'Lil M on his first day

Leaving hospital and arriving at Birthcare:

Our family of four:

Proud Grandparents:

Our first morning at home:


We are blessed with some amazing friends in our lives... there are many who have made a life-time impact on both of us at different stages, and helped us through difficult challenges; both on our own and together as a couple.
But there is one couple who will always stand out for our children - they are totally besotted and completely in-love with Button, and I have no doubt will be just as interested and passionate about Lil' M! Aunty Ro-Ro and Uncle Wuss (Rowie and Russell to us) are the best thing since sliced bread, and we are so blessed to have them in our lives - we love you guys (Button especially):

And here is one of the reasons why they are so popular: (especially Uncle Wuss at the moment... but I am sure that will change as Button gets a bit older and realises that Aunty Ro-Ro loves shopping *grin*):

Who doesn't like playmates?!?
On Sunday they turned up with a big gift... a gorgeous, brand-spanking new change table for our wee boy! We had one, but it was old, second-hand…

Happy Easter...


The difference a day can make:

From a cross to an empty grave...
Have you ever noticed how cheesy Easter images are when looking for pictures that portray 'the real meaning' behind the season?!? These are the best I could find under 'Google Images'!
It has been a busy week leading up to Easter, and then an even busier Easter weekend for us... this is the first time I have had a chance to sit down and reflect.
There have been no church services for us this year - I have two sickies in the house... we have not yet started any Easter traditions for Button either; haven't even sat down and discussed how we're going to approach it yet - minds have been elsewhere. Hopefully next year we'll be more organised, and not have sickies; seems to be 'our thing'! The last two Christmas' have seen at least one of us sick... although I think last Easter we managed to avoid that! 
This year we have new life joining us very soon (…
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