We are blessed with some amazing friends in our lives... there are many who have made a life-time impact on both of us at different stages, and helped us through difficult challenges; both on our own and together as a couple.

But there is one couple who will always stand out for our children - they are totally besotted and completely in-love with Button, and I have no doubt will be just as interested and passionate about Lil' M! Aunty Ro-Ro and Uncle Wuss (Rowie and Russell to us) are the best thing since sliced bread, and we are so blessed to have them in our lives - we love you guys (Button especially):

And here is one of the reasons why they are so popular: (especially Uncle Wuss at the moment... but I am sure that will change as Button gets a bit older and realises that Aunty Ro-Ro loves shopping *grin*):

Who doesn't like playmates?!?

On Sunday they turned up with a big gift... a gorgeous, brand-spanking new change table for our wee boy! We had one, but it was old, second-hand and hand-made; and I have no idea how many babies had gone before ours with it - so hubby has changed it into draws (we still have a draw shortage, so they are vital for that side of things)!

This Easter we spent a lot of time with them for one reason or another... which is GREAT, as they're our 'Get here right now as I'm about to have this baby' people; in other words - they'll be looking after Button until my parents arrive from down south. So they are on high alert; as we all are ;-)!

Here are a few pictures of the Change Table:

Of course Button had to try it out first...

1) Russell getting it out of the packaging.
2) Russell putting it together for us.
3) Button checking out it is safe for her little brother!

Thanks for everything you guys do, big and small... the amount of times you have fed us, bought stuff for us, dropped and run at a moments notice, wiped tears (well - mine & Button's anyway *grin*), listened to us (me) ranting and raving, baby-sat, made our little girl smile and the thousand and one other things that have not gone unnoticed; we want to say thank you. Seems so inadequate, yet it's all we can do; so once again; thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Do you know what you mean to me?
Then let me begin to explain…

You’re a ray of light on a dark day
A soft place to land when life seems hard
A gentle spring rain when there is drought
A balancing perspective when mine is marred

You’re an ear to listen when I need to talk
You can make me smile while inside I pout
You hug away the pain and wipe away the tears
You give hope when I can only offer doubt

You’re my friend, sister and inspiration
And so much more than this besides
I can see Jesus in all that you do for me
For it is in Him, and Him alone, that you abide

Can you see now what you mean to me?
Or shall I start all over again?!

© – 16/06/04
Written by Elizabeth and dedicated to Rowie 

We love you both!


WOW - such a blessing - the friendship and all the other bits too!
Sammy said…
What amazing friends, you are totally blessed!
meg said…
did you write that poem? i love it & can think of a friend who is like that for me. friends like that are few & far between & such a blessing!
Neetz said…
Great post :) It is awesome to have friends (and family) like that. We are also blessed with several friends like this who we can run to at any ol' time and know they're there for us... we try also to be like that for our friends. Friendship Rocks!! :)

Bless ya xx Juanita xx
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