Happy Easter...


The difference a day can make:

From a cross to an empty grave...


Have you ever noticed how cheesy Easter images are when looking for pictures that portray 'the real meaning' behind the season?!? These are the best I could find under 'Google Images'!

It has been a busy week leading up to Easter, and then an even busier Easter weekend for us... this is the first time I have had a chance to sit down and reflect.

There have been no church services for us this year - I have two sickies in the house... we have not yet started any Easter traditions for Button either; haven't even sat down and discussed how we're going to approach it yet - minds have been elsewhere. Hopefully next year we'll be more organised, and not have sickies; seems to be 'our thing'! The last two Christmas' have seen at least one of us sick... although I think last Easter we managed to avoid that! 

This year we have new life joining us very soon (I am still intact, although we had thought he was on his way earlier in the week)... so it has been a case of getting Mr.C and Button down to the Doctors and onto antibiotics in the hope they'll be well when 'Lil M arrives. We have also had (and still got) some last minute shopping to make sure everything is ready, I have yet to pack my bag (aaaahhhhhh), we have had visitors and midwife appointments, sleeping (or lack of in Button's case - wish these molars would just hurry up), sorting and rearranging and setting up stuff! Definitely not the kind of weekend we had envisioned, nor the kind that has allowed us much down time to reflect or even breathe!

This afternoon we are going to head out as a family of three for one of the last times, and go for a walk... take some time 'just for us', and enjoy our little girl still being an only child. No guilt, no time restraints (within reason), no appointments, no visitors, no stress, no discussing when / where/ why / how 'Lil M will be arriving. Just us and her; and maybe the beach (not yet sure where we'll go).

Just taking the time to breath... yep, just us.


Do hope you managed your wee walk as a threesome :-)
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