Asher Luke Anthony
(from here on in to be known as 'lil M).

* Labour started after my waters broke at 11pm on Wednesday 11th April.
* By 3am 12th April they were 3-5 minutes apart, so we headed into hospital.
* Got to hospital at 3:30am, 5cm dilated - got epidural, but by the time they gave it to me I knew he was on his way.
* Started pushing at 4:46am; only got the last two pushes pain-free though *grin*. 
* Asher was born at 4:56am

Weighing: 6pd 13 (3110g)
Measuring: 50cm long 

From this to that is just 6 hours:

The Sibling Comparison:

Top: Button on her first day
Bottom: 'Lil M on his first day

Leaving hospital and arriving at Birthcare:

Our family of four:

Proud Grandparents:

Our first morning at home:


Sammy said…
Congratulations!! He is just gorgeous! On and well done you!
EEEEEEEEEEEEEK, congratulations!!! He looks perfect! And so like his big sister! Hope everything is going well for you all xxx Will be thinking of you over the next few weeks as you get used to being mummy of two.
Anonymous said…
You have been on my heart so much lately Elizabeth, I was so happy to open up my blog feed and see this post. Welcome to the world Lil M; you are the image of your big sister - just so beautiful. Always remember just how marvellous your mama is. xo
Miriam said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! He looks absolutely adorable. Well done to you all that is wonderful news. May your first few weeks be wonderful and peaceful. Lovely, lovely news xxxxx
Neetz said…
Congratulations... He's gorgeous. And yay great name...(I'm biased though as I have one myself!!).

Anonymous said…
Congrats!! tiny and gorgeous :)
Widge said…
I love the name Asher! Congratulations!!! Gorgeous wee bundle :)
So proud to be his Grandma, or should that be MaMa? :-)
Amy said…
Lovely photos of you all! And congratulations (again)!
Sophie Slim said…
CONGRATS! (sorry, soooo late on getting on the band wagon - but my heart is so happy looking over all your recent posts)

What a little cutie
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