Asher Luke Anthony
(from here on in to be known as 'lil M).

* Labour started after my waters broke at 11pm on Wednesday 11th April.
* By 3am 12th April they were 3-5 minutes apart, so we headed into hospital.
* Got to hospital at 3:30am, 5cm dilated - got epidural, but by the time they gave it to me I knew he was on his way.
* Started pushing at 4:46am; only got the last two pushes pain-free though *grin*. 
* Asher was born at 4:56am

Weighing: 6pd 13 (3110g)
Measuring: 50cm long 

From this to that is just 6 hours:

The Sibling Comparison:

Top: Button on her first day
Bottom: 'Lil M on his first day

Leaving hospital and arriving at Birthcare:

Our family of four:

Proud Grandparents:

Our first morning at home:


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