SO much to share...

And yet SO little time...

Just wanted to pop in and say I am still alive and kicking; unfortunately with a new-born and a toddler, there is very little time to do anything except survive ;-)!

I have so many posts buzzing around in my sleep-deprived brain, and so many photos and little things I want to share... but just not enough hours in the day to do even the basic things, let alone the extra's such as blogging! However, I am still trying to keep up with your blogs - but I just don't have the time to comment as I'd like too :-(!

So I will be taking a little hiatus for the next while, until things calm down and start gaining some kind of vague routine around here. If I have the time to pop in and post a few photos - I will, promise... but ;-)!!!!!

With that in mind - here are a few photos to make you go awwwww:

Chatting with Mum

Snuggles with Nana

Daddy of two

Lots of role-playing going on - this is Button bathing her baby doll Ruby...

All wrapped up after first bath - clean and sweet smelling again!

Big conversations with Gran

Beside the All Black doll Cat sent me, made by Dee

Some awake time - not been much of that yet!

Practising puckering up for a kiss!


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