This is REAL LIFE...

I am the Mum of a toddler (who will be two years old tomorrow) and a new born (2.5 weeks old); and as such, my home and family will never be the same!

* I am walking around requiring crowbars to hold my eyes open today... 'lil M had us up from 10pm-12am, then from 2am to 3:30am and again at 5am! Button then woke at 6:45am - the time Hubby is supposed to be leaving the house for work, as it was he was only getting out of bed then, woken by the toddler! We'd even had an early night last night - heading upstairs at 8pm, and light out by 8:30pm... thankfully, or I could be feeling worse again!


* My house is a mess, it already looks like a hurricane has hit it - and yet the toddler has only been awake an hour! I always TRY and tidy it after she has gone to bed at night, but sometimes I wonder why!


* There are two loads of washing waiting to be folded, and three loads still waiting to be washed - and I can't imagine it getting any better than this with winter just around the corner!


* I managed to vacuum the entire downstairs on Saturday, except the lounge (hubby was on the phone, so I kindly stopped vacuuming so he could actually hold a conversation). The lounge is STILL not vacuumed, and yet it is probably the smallest room in the entire house!


* I lifted the blue couch in the play area yesterday, specifically to try and find some missing small animals (my toddler is animal crazy and spends hours EVERY.SINGLE.DAY playing with these toys), but instead found half the contents of her morning tea. When that was dropped is anyone's guess... I imagine, if the children let me, I will be getting the vacuum cleaner out today. Maybe I'll get the lounge cleaned after all?!?


* My in-laws are coming for the night tonight, and then my mother-in-law will stay on until Sunday to help us out. However, it's our grocery shopping week and as of this morning we have literally NO milk and only half a loaf of bread left! I will need to beg, borrow or steal some milk off our neighbours (hubby has taken my car to work today as there is no petrol in his car - which puts pay to an emergency trip to the shops), until hubby gets home with fresh milk and bread after work.


* I took it all out on hubby yesterday... we spent most of the late afternoon ignoring each other; thankfully he is a forgiving bloke and seemed to be okay this morning. I should probably apologise, but due to the lack of sleep I still think I had a very valid point (note: this is probably irrational thinking due to the lack of sleep, but I can't get over it just yet). Hopefully one day soon we'll look back on it and laugh.


* My toddler is being a saint this morning, and is quietly watching a DVD and giving me some space while bubs is still sleeping off his bad night.


* Have I mentioned that I NEED COFFEE? Oh - just a few times then? Unfortunately, we have no milk left (did manage a coffee first thing before we ran out of milk, thank goodness or the kids would be suffering)... but I also have to be careful what I eat/drink, and how much of it I eat/drink as I am breast-feeding... so two coffee's is all I allow myself or we pay the consequences!


* Maybe I should rename this post - 'I Need Coffee'!!!!!

* 'lil M has now woken up, so that is my que to sign off and get this posted!


Aynsley said…
Thinking of you all! I'm sure it will get better in the long run and a coffee will certainly help in the short term!!!! Perhaps you also need a side order of chocolate?!
If only you could order a coffee to be delivered! :)
Does Button help you tidy up her toys at the end of the day? We started getting Tiny to do this (made it a game to try and find all the bits of Duplo, train set etc and put them in the right toy box) before stories, and it makes a huge difference.
I'm sure you are coping much better than you think, but sleep deprivation can play tricks on you.
Excuse my language, but b*gger the vacuuming - go have a sleep!!
Sending big hugs your way xxxx
Oh dear - what a reality check after the last two weeks - never thought to top up the milk stocks last Thursday!
You will survive, and so will the kiddos and the house.
Love you
Anonymous said…
Hi, am visiting from kiwimummyblogs. I smiled the whole way through reading your post, I know it wont help much at all but I remember those days :) you described them perfectly, hope you managed a second coffee
Amy said…
I was going to suggest chocolate but I see Aynsley beat me to it!
And I just love Ange's advice (both the vaccuming/sleep and the tidying up - we've started getting Munchkin to help pack up before his bath - okay so sometimes it works and sometimes he plays and I tidy, but it does mean that there's way less to do once he actually hits the sack).
BIG HUG for you! I hope you got some milk and some sleep!
meg said…
aw, i remember these days . . . come to think of it today was one!!! hehe, o the craziness of having a newborn & toddler though. give yourself a break . . . if your kids are dressed & fed then you're doing great! seriously! im due for my third in September around the time my little girl starts school & i'm a little nervous about school & kindy runs as well as looking after a newborn. craziness! hope you are having moments of joy amidst the chaos!
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