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Just Look...

How much my son has grown in SIX weeks: I simply CANNOT believe it! We had to adjust the straps on the capsule when we went away over the weekend, as he no longer fitted... he may not be in this capsule at all very soon, and he is ONLY six weeks old. He's a giant - I'm telling you; a giant in the making!

Perfection v Gorgeousness


How To Watch A DVD...

This is how Button entertained herself (and me) this afternoon while watching a DVD... on yet another long, wet, cold day inside: She is not very elegant, my daughter ;-)!

Mothers Day...

Plus a block of my favourite chocolate ;-)! Love, love, love... (unfortunately that small baby seems to react to the chocolate *sigh*)!

4 weeks and growing like a mushroom...

'lil M is now almost 5 weeks old - seems quite surreal still really! Other than the extra sleep, I can't remember life without him; and yet these past (almost) 5 weeks have flown by, and we can't believe he has been around this long already! Above is a four week comparison: TOP = Button BOTTOM = 'lil M Button was more alert, and was awake for many more hours each day by this stage - mainly because of her health issues though, not something we would wish on her or anyone else. I am quite enjoying my sleepy babe, and can't get my head around that this is actually 'normal' behaviour ;-)! He is exhibiting a few similiar traits to Button, but not enough for me to be worried about; and my midwife assures me that the signs he is showing is actually very normal new-born stuff, and not necessarily reflux-related; whew! I was watching Campbell Live tonight and they had 'The Baby Whisperer' on, and she was spending time with Carly Flynn and

Did you know...

That blogging appears to be BIG business overseas?!? I had no idea that the humble blog was SUCH a huge institute in other lands far, far away (specifically America)! Check out these websites - designed specifically to teach you to write and set up your blog in such a way to draw more readers, and make it more interesting for the 'general public'! The idea inspires me, the time and effort totally put me off ;-)! Problogger Alistblogging Writetodone The last website is actually about writing in general, and there is a free E-Book you can download to inspire you, with a chapter or two about blogging (not yet read it, but have downloaded it)! The exciting thing about this website though, is that the lady is a KIWI and lives in Nelson! So cool... it had (they all have) been recommended to me by an American friend, so I had assumed they were all American-based websites! Anyway - this is about all the time I have currently to blog, as for a change BOTH k

To Make or To Break...

The power of words... I am learning the power of words, specifically the power of my words! It is not a pretty lesson, but it is one that needed to be taught - and in my situation, the sooner the better; far less damage done this way. See my son has so far been what I would call 'an easy baby'... he doesn't appear to have any of the challenges we faced with Button (reflux, allergies, severe wind etc); however I am aware that until he is 8 weeks old, I can't rule out the possibility that these may yet flare up and cause problems.  Despite that - Button, from her first night, started screaming and didn't stop until we got reflux medication into her at about 6-8 months; so even if he does have some, or all of these issues, he deals with them in a completely different manner, which in turn is making my life easier (currently). The problem being - is how I describe the difference between these two... I have realised, on listening to myself, that I

First REAL Haircut...

Back in March (and yes - it has taken me this long to blog about it) Button got her first proper haircut... and we were (are) pretty thrilled with the result!  Unfortunately my hairdresser has chosen to no longer work on the weekends (family commitments; a decision which I thoroughly respect and admire her for), so I used 'a friend of a friend' who is a trained hairdresser, but also has a young child. Because of her family commitments, she has only taken on a few clients and goes to their homes on weekends - so we were very fortunate to get in with her. Although unfortunately we live so far away, we had to arrange to meet her at our mutual friends house, rather than ours - but it gives us a good excuse for a trip out, and some yummy food afterwards! Button was brilliant considering it was her first haircut - originally she just cuddled into me, and not much got done; but then Daddy got back from a trip to the shops and he brought back some BBC (Bribery, Blackmail &am

Happy Birthday Precious Girl!

My baby turns two today... I can't quite get my head around that! She has grown up really quick, and yet it feels like she has been with us forever :-)! Here is a collage I did of Button's first twelve months: Starting top left - you go round the outside from May 2010 through to May 2011... middle photo was a photo taken by my brother at his son's first birthday (also in May). And here is Button's second twelve months: I cheated a little here, the May 2012 photo is actually one taken a couple of days ago (still April - ooops), and the middle photo is just one of my most favourite photos of her; taken this past Christmas. Dear Button, Happy Birthday Sweetheart... Daddy and I are so very blessed to have you in our lives, we can't even remember what life was like before you came along now. Your beautiful blue eyes, and gorgeous grin, infectious laugh and scrummy cuddles... you are everything we ever dreamed of, and more, in a daug
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