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That blogging appears to be BIG business overseas?!? I had no idea that the humble blog was SUCH a huge institute in other lands far, far away (specifically America)!

Check out these websites - designed specifically to teach you to write and set up your blog in such a way to draw more readers, and make it more interesting for the 'general public'! The idea inspires me, the time and effort totally put me off ;-)!

The last website is actually about writing in general, and there is a free E-Book you can download to inspire you, with a chapter or two about blogging (not yet read it, but have downloaded it)! The exciting thing about this website though, is that the lady is a KIWI and lives in Nelson! So cool... it had (they all have) been recommended to me by an American friend, so I had assumed they were all American-based websites!

Anyway - this is about all the time I have currently to blog, as for a change BOTH kids fell asleep at the same time, wahoo! But I can hear one of them stirring; so had better get this posted and head off into oblivion once more... one day I'll get the time to write more regularly again!

But until then, here is the cutest photo I currently have:

Well okay - photoS then ;-)!

Until next time ;-)!


Hi Sweetie - great photos and I must follow the links.... I might just have a few more hours than you :-).
shannon said…
Lovely photo's Elizabeth, you are sounding better and better every day. Hope you have a lovely mother's day!
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