First REAL Haircut...

Back in March (and yes - it has taken me this long to blog about it) Button got her first proper haircut... and we were (are) pretty thrilled with the result! 

Unfortunately my hairdresser has chosen to no longer work on the weekends (family commitments; a decision which I thoroughly respect and admire her for), so I used 'a friend of a friend' who is a trained hairdresser, but also has a young child. Because of her family commitments, she has only taken on a few clients and goes to their homes on weekends - so we were very fortunate to get in with her. Although unfortunately we live so far away, we had to arrange to meet her at our mutual friends house, rather than ours - but it gives us a good excuse for a trip out, and some yummy food afterwards!

Button was brilliant considering it was her first haircut - originally she just cuddled into me, and not much got done; but then Daddy got back from a trip to the shops and he brought back some BBC (Bribery, Blackmail & Corruption) in the form of a lollypop... This did the trick, and not only did she allow herself to be pried off me, but she sat/stood still for the remainder of the time, barely a grizzle out of her! I was SO proud of her.

So here is a montage of the original 'mess', followed by a couple of photos taken through-out the haircut, and then the final look:

And as I got a haircut on the same day, here is a photo of us together with our 'cool new hairstyles'!

We'll be using her again... ;-)! She did such a good job with Button, and Button responded so well to her - made it a fun morning, rather than the stressful one I was imagining it to be!


Anonymous said…
Lovely haircuts ladies! Haircut time is still stressful for us :( I really have to stop putting it off though, Bean is starting to look like Shaggy from Scooby Do ;)
Pity she is not such a great lollipop fan - you will have to find another form of BBC :-)
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