Happy Birthday Precious Girl!

My baby turns two today... I can't quite get my head around that! She has grown up really quick, and yet it feels like she has been with us forever :-)!

Here is a collage I did of Button's first twelve months:

Starting top left - you go round the outside from May 2010 through to May 2011... middle photo was a photo taken by my brother at his son's first birthday (also in May).

And here is Button's second twelve months:

I cheated a little here, the May 2012 photo is actually one taken a couple of days ago (still April - ooops), and the middle photo is just one of my most favourite photos of her; taken this past Christmas.

Dear Button,

Happy Birthday Sweetheart...

Daddy and I are so very blessed to have you in our lives, we can't even remember what life was like before you came along now. Your beautiful blue eyes, and gorgeous grin, infectious laugh and scrummy cuddles... you are everything we ever dreamed of, and more, in a daughter.

It has been a roller-coaster of a two years, your first year being one of the hardest I have ever lived through - with your reflux, and my PND (and unrealistic expectations)... but we made it through; you and me! But your second year - it has been so much fun, and full of immense joy as we have watched you grow, and your little personality has really started to shine through.

You bring laughter and joy like we've never known, you are a little comedian and love making us laugh. You are so very generous - always offering any food you have around, before you eat it yourself (you have Daddy to thank for this, he always encouraged you to share right from the start). You are sweet, and love your new baby brother very much; always asking for kisses and cuddles - sitting down and patting your knees and waiting patiently for me to hand him over! Whenever Mummy prays with you, you always make sure I remember to pray for everyone in the house that night - including 'bubba'!

We are so proud of you, and are in-love with the beautiful little girl you are growing into... keep being you honey, always and forever.

We love you,
Mummy (& Daddy & 'lil M)!


Miriam said…
oh happy, happy day! That one in the middle of the second montage I can SO see you in that pic x
What a beautiful wee girl you have given us as a grand daughter - we are very proud of her, and of you two as parents.
Love you all
Happy 2nd birthday to your beautiful girl. Lovely photos xx
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday Button! Beautiful words to your daughter!
Amy said…
Just love the 2nd year centre photo. So beautiful. Happy Birthday Button, and congratulations to Mummy and Daddy on a job well done getting here!
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