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Now You See It...

AND NOW YOU DON'T... My little girl is growing up: 2nd ever haircut and she was perfection! We did talk about this, and explain that Mummy and Button were going to go and get their haircut this morning... I asked her if she remembered getting it cut  last time ,  and she said she did. I wasn't sure if she understood what I meant - turns out she did understand, AND she had obviously remembered, behaving accordingly! So very proud of her - just sat there or stood there obediently as required, and was awesome! You can see just how much she needed it - poor baby has had her hair in her eyes for a long time... I hate my hair in my eyes, and I am sure it was bugging her also. Next time we won't wait so long between appointments! AND TODAY: The side of her cot also came off... again, we'd been talking about it for a couple of weeks, and she'd kept asking me 'Side off Mummy?'; but I kept putting it off and saying 'Soon honey'

10 weeks...

Which is now totally out-of-date, as lil' M is 11 weeks (as of today - hehe)! Unfortunately I didn't quite get them at the same angle, which makes lil' M look like he has serious chin issues going on, but I'm pretty sure Button had the same thing at that age ;-)! Left = Button Right = lil' M Both approx. 10 weeks; I know lil' M was in this photo, but am guessing regarding Button... if she wasn't 10 weeks there - she wasn't far off it! They're looking quite different now - even to the most untrained eye... me and hubby always thought they looked totally different; but in some of the new-born photos you could have been mistaken if you'd assumed they were one and the same baby. Main physical differences: - Button had a lot more hair - Button had eye brows & dark eye lashes ( lil' M has them, but they are fair and barely noticeable) - lil' M has a bigger mouth - Both have wide foreheads, but Button s

Positive & Negative

POSITIVES: * We booked a family portrait with  PositiveNegatives   Photography back on June 9th; run as a fundraiser through  Whitford Playcentre .  * We got our proofs back within the week and we are thrilled, THRILLED I tell you - they are AWESOME! * After contacting the photographers, they have given me permission to share two photos of our beautiful children with you - in return for letting you all know how amazing their service and their photos are! * I am HAPPY to be doing this... happy to be sharing with you my gorgeous children, and more than happy to be promoting their website and their services! Our beautiful Button Our lovable  lil' Man I know I am just slightly biased here... but these two must be some of the cutest children you've ever laid eyes on; right?!? And the only negative was BUTTON - she had a right old tantrum when we first arrived... I thought I had prepped her enough; you know, 'We're going to Playcentr

WW - Our Little Smiler

This is lil' M...  this is a normal pose for him he is our little smiler:

Falling In Love With You...

My daughter is completely in-love with her baby brother... it is such a joy and privilege to watch; and I feel very blessed that that this transition has been so easy. The only thing I need to watch out for, is her smothering him in love, rather than hurting him (as some of the photos will show)! I am constantly taking photos to prove this (I am sure they will come in useful later on when they are older and proclaim to 'hate' each other, which I have no doubt will happen at some stage) ! But despite all the proof I have - there are still so many memories of things she has done and said that I have not been able to capture on camera... every day things you don't want to forget, and yet never find the time to write down or snap on the camera. But hopefully the photos I have got will capture the essence of these first two months; hard work, but so rewarding! Button Loves HUGS: Button Loves KISSES: The sweetest thing is, is that this adoration is recipr

Update on US...

I know I have mentioned on here (many times) how I struggled with post-natal depression after Button was born; and how I was a bit worried about coping once 'lil M arrived... so I thought I would do an update for you all, just in case anyone was interested! I have been thinking about this for a while, and writing and rewriting this post in my head... as time on the computer is VERY hard to come by! 'lil M doesn't have the reflux Button had, but he does have colic; this means no time during the day due to two babies (the older one whom is struggling to sleep at the moment and driving me spare), and no time in the evenings due to unsettled colicky small baby. He has had a few rough days this week, but there were two good things in this: 1) The worst days happened to coincide with my Mother-In-Law staying; so this meant an extra hand to help out ALL day! 2) Long awake unsettled days means long sleeps through-out the night! Yay! Last night (being Thursday night, yep -

Here's to the Birthday Boy...

Here's to you my little (big) brother... And to your two favourite colours - as unconventional as you! I thought about sharing a few favourite stories: * Your paper-route and the Guy Fawkes Initiative! * The Scout Hall incident! * The 'Don't You Step Over the Doorway or I'll Call the Police' story! * Or maybe even the throwing stones at cars (admittedly under the influence of an older kid who should've known better) memory! OR I could have done the opposite and shared these favourite stories instead: * How you saved up for weeks (twice) and bought me a book that I desperately wanted for my birthday... without any knowledge from me whatsoever. * The hours spent playing together with the other neighbourhood kids - across the road in the swamp, or backyard cricket, on our bikes all summer long etc. * Or how you came back from camp one summer as you heard I was sick and in hospital, and you were worried. * Or your Super Cute ni

Six Weeks...

Here are some six week photos: I love the bottom two photos... you can just hear Button thinking in the left one: 'He is slipping again, how long do I have to sit here Mum?"! And the the bottom right I love how they're both looking in the completely opposite direction (not that 'lil M has much choice *grin*)! Such typical 'children photos'! Here are a few photos of Button at 6 weeks: I am rather disappointed in these, I had thought I had taken a whole heap of her at six weeks old - so I took oodles of 'lil M at six weeks, in order to do a comparison; but in the end the photos aren't really good enough of Button to really do it justice (hence why I have left them in their own little collages). But anyway - here are a few of 'lil M that I took, so you can swoon over him: One day I'll be back with something more substantial; but for now I have to go and rescue my son who has just filled his nappy so completely I hea

There's a Whole Lotta...

Baby play going on in this house at the moment: Including, but not limited to (left to right) : 1) Putting Ruby to bed 2) Cuddling Ruby 3) Putting Ruby in the front pack 4) Taking Ruby for walks in her stroller 5) Bathing Princess 6) Showing Ruby what was playing on TV 7) Bathing Ruby (not MY baby) in the baby bath 8) Making sure Ruby gets some 'Yum Yums' (it was Big Ted who was feeding her in this photo) 9) Feeding Princess 10) Changing Ruby's nappy 11) Jiggling and rocking Ruby to get rid of her sore tummy 12) Patting and burping Ruby 13) Just loads of cuddles with Ruby (big photo) I have a very maternal little girl, who adores her baby brother - so many photos I want to share showing this; so little time to organise them and then get them posted... DISCLAIMER: My blog is going to be totally boring for the next few months, while I have so little time - it WILL be full of photos of my children. This is all I have time for, and a
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