Here's to the Birthday Boy...

Here's to you my little (big) brother...

And to your two favourite colours - as unconventional as you!

I thought about sharing a few favourite stories:

* Your paper-route and the Guy Fawkes Initiative!
* The Scout Hall incident!
* The 'Don't You Step Over the Doorway or I'll Call the Police' story!
* Or maybe even the throwing stones at cars (admittedly under the influence of an older kid who should've known better) memory!

OR I could have done the opposite and shared these favourite stories instead:

* How you saved up for weeks (twice) and bought me a book that I desperately wanted for my birthday... without any knowledge from me whatsoever.
* The hours spent playing together with the other neighbourhood kids - across the road in the swamp, or backyard cricket, on our bikes all summer long etc.
* Or how you came back from camp one summer as you heard I was sick and in hospital, and you were worried.
* Or your Super Cute nickname for me (Chickie-Babe) and how some ex's friends thought you were cheating on her once when you rang me! 

But it's late, and I am tired... and if I want to get this post published tonight, then I have to be a little less wordy and a little more discreet *grin*!

So here is a photo tribute I put together for you:

First you were a son and a brother:
(have had to work with the photos I have on my computer Boyo)

The next role was that of husband:

And now you can add to these by including
DADDY (to your gorgeous son):

Of course there have been many other roles in between and in and out of these... those of friend, cousin, nephew, grandson, employee, confidant, son-in-law, brother-in-law; and probably plenty of others I have missed!

We had a pretty special upbringing... not perfect, but full of fun and laughter - and the memories of the good times outweigh everything else.

Proud to call you brother and friend... we hope you had a special day celebrating with your precious family! 

PS - You also need to know that I forego watching the Crusaders whip the Highlanders tonight in order to get this written up for you and posted on the correct day! (Don't think your brother-in-law was very impressed, as the plan had been to watch it together - ooops!)


Nice one :-)
Amy said…
This is such a lovely post, Elizabeth, and I know Boyo really enjoyed reading it (as did I - thanks!).
Neetz said…
Aww .. brothers are so awesome right? I have only one sisters and we are so close, I would def. choose him as one of my best friends...even if we weren't related!! ;)

Happy birthday to your bro (even though I'm a bit late! :)
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