Positive & Negative


* We booked a family portrait with PositiveNegatives Photography back on June 9th; run as a fundraiser through Whitford Playcentre

* We got our proofs back within the week and we are thrilled, THRILLED I tell you - they are AWESOME!

* After contacting the photographers, they have given me permission to share two photos of our beautiful children with you - in return for letting you all know how amazing their service and their photos are!

* I am HAPPY to be doing this... happy to be sharing with you my gorgeous children, and more than happy to be promoting their website and their services!

Our beautiful Button

Our lovable lil' Man

I know I am just slightly biased here... but these two must be some of the cutest children you've ever laid eyes on; right?!?

And the only negative was BUTTON - she had a right old tantrum when we first arrived... I thought I had prepped her enough; you know, 'We're going to Playcentre tomorrow, and we're there to have some photos taken. Now you have to remember to listen to Mummy and Daddy, and smile when we ask you too'... yep, a nod of the head and I thought it was all good. BUT silly Mummy forgot to mention that not only were there going to be no other children there, but it wasn't set up as usual - so she couldn't play; and poor Button got very confused (we'd only been there the day before), and lost the plot completely. Next time Mummy will remember what actually needs to be said in order to prep her properly... poor little girl!

BUT back to the Positives:

* The family booked in before us didn't show up (positive for us, maybe not so much for the photographers though), and we were ten minutes early - so she got extra time to be settled down and start smiling (as above).

* The photographer (Anita) was VERY patient, and took photos of 'lil M while she waited for me to settle Button. She then proceeded to tickle Button (with a duster) in order to coerce a grin out of her - it WORKED, and when Button 'asked' her (or rather told her; the bossy little britches) to 'tickle Mummy, Daddy or bubba'; the photographer kindly did what was asked of her, thus creating more smiles!

So at the expense of raving on and on about my beautiful children - I'll instead send you through to the website which will give you all the information you require (they are based all over the country), and suggest you check out their FaceBook page that has specials, only offered through there!

So - what are you waiting for... if you want gorgeous family (or individual, couple, wedding, pet, team or cooperate) portraits, then head on over to PositiveNegatives, and make sure to tell them I sent you!!!!!


Anonymous said…
Beautiful children indeed!
Oh dear - what a strong willed child :-) but yes, it would be confusing!!
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