There's a Whole Lotta...

Baby play going on in this house at the moment:

Including, but not limited to (left to right):
1) Putting Ruby to bed
2) Cuddling Ruby
3) Putting Ruby in the front pack
4) Taking Ruby for walks in her stroller
5) Bathing Princess
6) Showing Ruby what was playing on TV
7) Bathing Ruby (not MY baby) in the baby bath
8) Making sure Ruby gets some 'Yum Yums' (it was Big Ted who was feeding her in this photo)
9) Feeding Princess
10) Changing Ruby's nappy
11) Jiggling and rocking Ruby to get rid of her sore tummy
12) Patting and burping Ruby
13) Just loads of cuddles with Ruby (big photo)

I have a very maternal little girl, who adores her baby brother - so many photos I want to share showing this; so little time to organise them and then get them posted...

My blog is going to be totally boring for the next few months, while I have so little time - it WILL be full of photos of my children. This is all I have time for, and all I have the energy for! If you want more than that - try coming back in about six months time when MAYBE I have more time to myself to be able to think, write and post more indepth posts. 


Anonymous said…
It is lovely seeing your family growing. B has just started school and in the afternoon when T is sleeping I am sorting my photos. Seen as I am two years behind I am up to the photos when the boys were the same age as your two! Ahhh happy memories, funny how you forget how hard it actually was at the time! A few less trains in your photos:) Both your kids look like they are thriving. I hope Mum and Dad are doing well too :)
I don't mind family photos :-) But then I may be a wee bit biased!
Sammy said…
Your blog reflects where you are right now and that's just fine with your regular followers! Love it!
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