Here we go again:

Left = Button at almost 4 months
Right = 'lil M at 12 weeks (not even 3 months yet)

Both such serious faces here!

'Lil M has already out-grown that jersey, and it has been passed onto his little cousin (10 weeks younger than him)... and thankfully I put him into this little outfit now, as any later and he'd have outgrown it before even trying it! I have a gorgeous blue one we bought for Button in the same set also, which I can't wait to try on him (maybe tomorrow)!

These photos kind of show you how much darker Button was to 'lil M! She is blonde as blonde can be now - but was still quite dark then, and has an olive tint to her skin (she doesn't burn despite the white blonde hair, just like her Daddy)!


Aww what a little bruiser that Lil'M is now - so looking forward to seeing him soon!!!!! (like the 20th for 4 nights Yay!!!!!)
Sammy said…
They are both gorgeous and look so similar! Totally blessed xx
Amy said…
Lil M definitely has the fairer skin, interesting seeing as Button is fair haired too, I wonder if it will stay fair?...they are both SO CUTE!
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