Family Resemblances...???

My daughter was the spitting image of me when she was born, but as she has got older - she has become more and more like her father (or so I keep getting told)! When she was about six months old - I did a photo comparison here, and at that stage she still looked more like me... but now, well I am not so sure!

So here are some photos of her with us at approx. the same age - let me know what you think:

Left is me at about 3 years old
Top right is Button (of course) 
Bottom right is hubby... 

She still has my nose, eyes and mouth I think!

But this little fellow is all my side of the family - not so much me, but he is the spitting image of my brother and my father at this age (quite uncanny and a bit freaky at times):

'Lil M at 12 weeks!

I'll have to ask Mum (PRETTY PLEASE) to see if she can find, scan and e-mail up some photos of Boyo and Dad as babies, and I'll pop them up here and let you see... Hubby is still in denial, I think he'd love his son to look just like him. Maybe he'll get lucky with number 3; hmmm, but then again, maybe not - looks like my genes are the stronger ones *grin*!!!!!


I had forgotten that your curls lasted that long :-). I will see what I can find in the way of photos.......
Amy said…
Hmm, I do think Button looks quite a bit like Luke these days, but can see you in there too! Amazed at Lil M's resemblence to your side of the family - although not quite so strong as a few weeks back maybe? Resemblences are amazingly intricate things, don't you think?!
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