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So just in case you think I only ever take photos of my children; this post is to prove otherwise! 

I take an enormous amount of sunset photos, as many sunrises as possible (we are unfortunately, early birds - hubby has to be at work by 7:30am), and as many rainbow photos as I can capture!

Here is a collection of a few of the best from May through to July... hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did taking them! 

PS - I take so many sunset photos, that the other day when I went to shut the curtains - Button reminded me I hadn't taken any 'phopho's' (her term for photo)! Hehe, ooops!

24 May 2012 - Sunrise:

24 May 2012 - Sunset:

The above photos are probably my favourites... 
This collage does not do it justice :-(.

4 June 2012 - Rainbow:

My photos do not do this rainbow justice, it was the MOST amazing rainbow I have ever seen in terms of brightness and colour... incredible!

28 June 2012 - Sunset:

Moments after I took these it RAINED, literally pelted down seconds later.
Had me and Button mesmorised!

1 July 2012 - Sunset:

So there you have it... not a single photo of my kids :-)!

I knew I could do it!


Well done :-) And I must admit your photography is improving as you take more and more photographs - just as well they are digital :-)
The sunset photos from late May and late June are stunning! Love how you can see from the light in the June ones that the weather is about to change.
Cat said…
WOW hun those photos are stunning
I'm a sunset sunrise rainbow kinda girl too
Amy said…
You do have a lovely view!
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