Herbs and Spices... help needed!

What are the herbs and spices you literally can't live without?

I need some help; I have a lovely spice rack that my Mother-In-Law bought for me YEARS ago, it can hold 16 different herbs and spices.

Well - I am not much of a cook, in case you haven't been following my blog long... it is one of many of my short-falls (this one probably being one of the worst seeing I am now a wife and Mum, and the cooking should be falling on my shoulders). 

Over the weekend I did some cleaning and tidying, including throwing away all the herbs and spices in the rack - seriously, some of them are probably more than eight years old (*cringe*), and I have been too scared to use them for years!

So - I want to know what your top three herbs and top three spices are (in the comment section)... ones you literally can't live without, and would run down to the supermarket in your slippers for, if you ran out of it!

THEN - I need you to e-mail me at: mrs.e.collins@gmail.com with your all-time favourite (no-fail) recipe(s) that use at least one of these herbs / spices; make sure you put 'Recipes' in the subject line so I don't assume it's spam!!!

Now 'lil M is 3 months and his colic, wind and sleeping are getting under control; I need to don that cooking cape again, and start making more effort in the kitchen! Hubby is GREAT, but it is unfair for him to constantly be put under pressure when he gets home from work...

I will then compile the list of 'must have' herbs and spices you will tell me about, and the recipes - and wa la... a great cooking hero arises out of the ashes! Hahaha, not quite that easy I know; but at least it's somewhere to start! I am expecting loads of comments and recipes please - full of inspiration and encouragement ;-)!

Today I have got lamb chops in the crockpot (ooops, actually maybe they're pork?)!!! I haven't used anything except salt and pepper with them, because I tend to find that when cooked in the crockpot, the flavour from any seasoning disappears anyway... and I will be cooking brown rice (Button's favourite at the moment) and veggies to go with.

If you have been following me for any length of time, you will know we are an allergy family - don't let this bother you though, I am learning to work around it, and if I can't use your recipes yet; hopefully in time I will be able to dig them out and use them later. The kids are meant to out-grow their allergies in time, and hubby is up and down like a yo-yo with his gluten anyway (he is intolerant rather than allergic, so sometimes he just eats it anyway)!


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