Just Needing A Little... Perspective

Sometimes I get so disgruntled with 'my lot' in life - this afternoon has been a blah time... however I know the cause of it, and know I can get out of it should I chose to shake it off. 

But I look around - we were older when we got married and older again when we started our family and it feels, for us, like this was a disadvantage... Often times it isn't, as both spouses have saved and got some money or assets behind them - yet neither of us had this due to various differing reasons. So we're still renting and still dreaming, managing to pay bills but with no significant savings behind us; and many things still on our wish-list.

So just to be a 'little bit real' here today - this is where I am at currently (thankfully it is no longer an everyday thing)Everyone else seems to have done their time and have been rewarded; we are still doing time. 

- All our siblings either own or have owned their own property; all through hard work, but a couple of them have also had some 'good luck' along the way. We're still dreaming... we dream big, but the reality will probably never happen; at least initially.

- Both our kids have got allergies; 'lil M's dairy allergy seems even worse than Button's... she never reacted physically to dairy through breast milk; 'lil M gets a rash and is quite unsettled. I am finding I am even more limited with my eating now, and yet Button had reflux. Neither of us even have a dairy allergy... it is in my family, but I am not the one affected by it. 

- Both of us have suffered health-wise, on-going long-term issues... you can read about some of my stuff here if you're interested!

Seriously; I can go on and on, but who wants to read about a whinger who is whinging (again). Not me... and yet here I am whinging (again)! A little change in perspective is needed!

It is so easy to lose sight of what we DO have when I focus on what we don't have. 

* I have a husband who adores me... I don't deserve it, I don't understand why; but he does! 

I need to remember how blessed I am; there are many women who are in miserable marriages, or who are single and want to be married, and also many whom have lost their 'soul mate' - who would do anything to have their man back.

* I have two BEAUTIFUL children who love and adore me. Again, there are many times when I don't deserve this - if they knew what I was thinking, or even understood what I was saying; they'd probably run away forever. Thank God children are so resilient and forgiving...

I know too many people who have lost children for me to take these two for granted... I need to keep this perspective, I need to cherish them daily.

* We ALWAYS have enough food on the table (and if not, there is a supermarket less than twenty minutes away), and enough money to pay the bills.

* There is always enough for a little treat for the kids... no matter how tight that week was.

* The kids have got clothes and toys coming out their ears - they want for NOTHING, literally. We might want for them, but seriously - they want for nothing, yet (still too little to know any different thankfully).

* We have loving extended families who adore the kids and want to be an important part of their lives... we're very blessed in this way; lots of children grow up not knowing their Grandparents or Aunts/Uncles/cousins. But our kids are going to grow up with these folks strongly printed on their lives - and being the better off for it.

* We have two cars, so I am not stuck at home all day (unless I chose too *grin*)!

* We live in a BIG house! So despite not being able to afford our own place and land, God has been gracious, and we have been given the opportunity, within our means, to live in a big four bedroom house on lots of land. We love it here, and wouldn't want to be anywhere else... perfect place for raising our kids!

So despite all the years of ill-health, all the years of study, all the years of low-paying jobs, all the years of having to rent and borrow, all the years of making the money stretch, all the years of paying bills instead of saving... we DO have a lot. We really do.

I just needed a little perspective, that's all!

(And to lose that chip on my shoulder)!


Sammy said…
I know how you feel and it's hard not to compare, isn't it? And yet I know that you know how blessed you are. So it's ok to open up and be honest about your feelings sometimes. Thanks for being real xx. And one more thing, the "real"-ness about you is probably one reason your husband adores you!
Yup - know the feelings, and that wee song 'Count Your Blessings' is so true. Guess we always are vulnerable to the comparison game, and have to discipline ourselves to be content!
Miriam said…
Great post. It's also the reality of day in and out with little people that wears us down. There is a BEAUTIFUL part in the Bible where Elijah has just called down fire from heaven and run faster than Ahab's chariot and then he is sitting under a tree wishing himself dead - the part that turns me upside down is that God sends an angel to tell him to rest, then he feeds him and makes him rest again because 'the journey is too much for you' so lovely. God's heart is just the same to you. Read it xxx
It's nice to read such honest posts like this - and I love that despite the downs, you are able to focus on so, so many good things.
We all need a dose of perspective sometimes, as it reminds us of what we have, not what we don't (and if we can do that, imagine what we can teach our kids?) xx
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