Loving... just for me!

This is not a 'Things I'm Loving' post, it is a reminder of the things I AM loving at the moment (plus I'm way to late for last week, and way to early for this week *grin*)!

It has been a week of sick kids here, and now a sick Mummy (who has hubby home to look after her today - loving him)! So I thought a little thankfulness might just go a LONG way right now!

1) Loving this little guy (who is growing up super quick):

2) Loving sunsets (love how much the Sky Tower stands out in this one):

3) Loving Sunrises on foggy days over Auckland City (although not the fact I am up that early... again, look closely though - Sky Tower is still there *grin*):

4) Loving gorgeous winter days full of sunshine (albeit no warmth), so we can get out and enjoy it to it's fullness:

5) Loving Big Girls moving into their BIG GIRL BED, and the enthusiasm... no falling out yet! We do have legs for the bed, but currently it is sitting about the same height her cot was, so have decided to leave it as-is for a while:

Loving the fact we have friends who are happy to lend us the bed until the end of the year... so we can afford to save up and buy something decent for her! Thank you!

6) Loving my man... on Sunday it was Day 4 of being stuck at home with two little sickies; so he took them for a couple of hours and sent me off to go 'linen shopping' for our toddler! We had hoped to take her with us to help chose the duvet cover - but she was just too sick; in the end, after walking around 5 shops I chose a traditionally 'boys' one, as there were only insipid girly ones that she would not have liked... She LOVES her wild animals, and the colours go better with everything in her bedroom (except for the sheets - oops)!

7) Loving that my decluttering is helping us start the fire these days... we'd run out of newspaper; so some of my 'piles' of paper are now being used instead, much to hubby's delight!

8) Loving my little sickie... she threw up twice recently (different days and different reasons... neither being a tummy bug, whew)! But she was very brave and after a cuddle, just sat on the couch and watched a DVD while eating (yep - eating)! On Saturday she was so sick she stayed in her PJ's all day - she LOVED this, and hasn't wanted to get dressed in the mornings since!

Thankfully she is on the mend now though!

9) Loving sister-brother cuddles!

10) Loving, that despite my little man growing up so quickly, he is still my baby... we were out visiting the other day and he fell asleep. We popped him down in a cot and just look at the size of him:

So tiny still... so vulnerable!

11) Loving my little chatter-box:

The last two days have been nothing but grizzles, I hadn't realised just how much I missed his little chattering ways until he woke this morning with a smile and loads of chatter again! Yay, my baby is starting to feel better ;-)!

12) Loving these big 'knowing' eyes:

I am especially loving the fact that I have just finished this post, and my boy has just woken up from a 3 hour sleep... it has been 20-30 minute cat-naps these past few days as he has been so miserable! Yay... I am feeling slightly saner also, although have now got the cold!


Great to hear the kiddo's are getting better, but bummer that you have it now :-(. Glad you have been given a day of support by DH.
Looking forward to the weekend.
Love and blessings
:) Gorgeous photos of your little people - no wonder you love 'em so much!
Love Button's new duvet cover - way cooler than the 'traditional' girlie ones xx
Amy said…
Love the smiley boy, and his smiley dad (he looks STOKED about the new firelighting material - grin!). Button's new duvet looks so cool. She must love looking at all the animals.
Hope you are all feeling a lot better now! Reinforcements at least arrive soon!
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