Does anyone else have 1,000,001 projects on the go and none of them completed?!?

I am NOT an arty / crafty person (I am sure that is a disappointment to my Mum, but maybe one of the kiddo's will be more this way inclined and she can mentor them!?!); but I LOVE my photos! So most of my projects revolve around either photos or books (or writing)...

I am VERY good at dating and filing my photos as I download them - so everything is in order by month (and then by date), so it's not hard to find anything. Just nothing gets beyond that - I have done a baby album for Button, but nothing has been printed since she was 6 months old!

I am got a whole lot of stuff swimming around in my head of things I want to get done - so I thought I would write a post and list them all, partly to share with you and get inspiration and partly to clear my head, and partly just to have them all in one place - rather than scattered around in the fog of my baby-brain. Some days it all clear and obvious and I am aware of everything I need to do... other days it's as clear as mud, and I don't even know which way to turn - let alone where to start.


- Start 'lil M's Baby Album
- Go through all my photos on my computer and pick out what is to be developed for the start of my family albums (oh yes... I want to do family albums - starting from when hubby and I got together 8 years ago)!
- Start and get up-to-date Button's Playcentre Portfolio.
- Get all the extended family wedding photos together, then get them developed, framed and put on the wall (I have the frames for them and have most of the photos ready - just got to sort out two more before I print them and get them framed and up).
- Buy 2x 200 pocket photo albums and put all our Australian Trip(s) photos in them... I have got these photos developed, but have never got around to putting them into albums (these were both pre-baby and even pre-pregnancy trips).


- I have six books on my bedside cabinet (well they would be there, except I have just got a cube and that's already filled with other things, so they're actually sitting on my computer desk)! 
- Four of them are ours, two of them aren't... one I have read (one of my own), but need to write up a review; but as it has been a good six or more months since I read it, I'll probably need to reread it in order to write an accurate review up.
- One of them is a borrowed copy of the Diane Levy  book 'Of Course I love You... Now Go To Your Room', which I will need to replace as my daughter has scribbled over it. She has never scribbled over any other book EVER (not even her own), and yet she scribbled over that one - TWICE!
- Go through my bookshelf and try reading some of the many books I have bought and never read over the years... ouch, too many to count there; don't tell hubby!
- List my books; seriously, I have so many that I should really have a database of them, so I can keep track.


- Start actually writing in my paper journal again.
- Write that book review up... ummm, yep!
- Try writing more poetry, and attempt this regularly. I'd really like to write a poem for each of my kids - but despite the fact they are my inspiration to get out of bed each day; finding the right words to put on paper has been impossible (I have tried)!
- Write more letters to Neville (hubby's Uncle - I promised him regular letters, managed for the first 2 years or so, but have been slack for the past 12-18 months; he doesn't even know (from us) about 'lil M yet)!
- Get the Thank You's written and posted for 'lil M (I have got them printed, but they're still just sitting on my bench)!
- Finish writing up the three blog posts I have under way (this one included)!


- Rearrange the linen cupboard (have managed to do the pantry - yay)!
- Get the carpets cleaned properly.
- Sort shelving for our bedroom, so I can sort my stuff out (no longer have draws - no room, so using the shelving in the wardrobe for my clothes, but that means all my toiletries etc are crammed up on hubby's draws over his side of the bedroom - frustrating)! *
- Sort shelving for the cupboard in lounge so I can store toys... *
- Sort extra bench in kitchen area *

* Have spoken to the Landlord about all these idea's and he is happy to do them for us, yay - just need to pin down a day with him, when he is free to complete them and I can go out with the kids visiting and keep out of his way.

And that is just off the top of my head... there are probably many other ones yet to be fully recognised or written down!


Oh Dear - that should keep you going for a few days....... or should I say years :-).
Blessings and Love
C U 2moro :-)))) have a big list! I usually have a few things on the go, but nothing as impressive as these - go you!!
With Tiny, I had photos printed each month, so I'd have at least his first year covered. I ordered them online and set a reminder on my phone for the 1st of the month, so it was something I could do while feeding. You've reminded me I need to start doing the same for Pickle!
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