WW - Sleeping Beauty

Well; after proclaiming how amazing my daughter has taken to sleeping in her side-less cot - this is what we found last night when checking on her:

And in case you can't see exactly what position she is in from this photo, here is a close-up:

On her knees, face down in the carpet... I think it's hilarious, hubby thinks it's just plain weird!

Nothing had been touched - so we have no idea what she was doing or trying to do when she fell asleep... no toys had been moved, no books had been read; she was just curled up in the middle of her floor with her face in the ground!

Then later that night I went to check on her again (make sure she was warm enough, not so good with blankets yet), and she was face-planted into the mattress on the floor. Legs still up on the bed, but face down in the mattress we have on the floor beside her cot in case of these exact instances. Hadn't heard a peep - she'd slept through half falling off her bed, and then me picking her up and settling her back down and tucking her back in!

Funny wee thing!


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