A Generational Treat!

My Mum has just e-mailed me through some photos of my brother and father as babies... such a treat to see :-)! And as I promised you these comparisons here, I thought I'd better do something about it! 

So I have put together a couple of little montages for you, which include 'lil M of course; he just so looks like my side of the family... I still get 'moments' when it feels like I am picking up my little brother for a cuddle, rather than my son - and I am sure these photos will show why!

Two Months:

This one isn't quite as obvious as the next one, but for your information:

Top Left: Poppa, Nana and my Dad at approx. 2 months old.
Bottom Left: Me in the front, my little brother (2 months old) behind being held by my Dad.
Right Side: Obviously this is Button holding 'lil M when he was 2 months old.

Three Months:

Left: Nana holding Dad when he was approx. 3 months old.
Middle: My little brother back in 1977, 3 months old.
Right: 'lil M just the other day - also 3 months old.

It is the above photo of my brother that makes me do a double-take, it is SO 'lil M; even his smile is similiar! I wasn't able to find a photo of 'lil M in the same pose smiling at 3 months (which totally surprised me, as he is such a smiley boy)! So, as he is still currently 3 months old - I will try and get a photo like this sometime over the next few days and post that together with the above photo of my brother! 

My brother and son have yet to meet each other, but we are hoping next weekend will make it possible... and so I will then try to make sure I take a photo of the two of them together as well!

I have got at least two other posts on the go, and have thought of some other projects to add to this post as well... but once more it has been a week of sickies and guests (bubs has had his first ear infection, and Button has had a sore throat/cold and constipation AGAIN); so little extra things like this blog were once more put aside!

Oh well - hopefully next week is a better week!


Amy said…
Your mum and I were saying just yesterday how similar lil M is to his uncle - we concluded that the face shape is a big part of it, and looking at those 2month photos I am struck again by the similarity in cheeks and head shape between the three generations! Looking forward to seeing some smiley 3month old photos sometime soon (and getting to meet him IN PERSON!).
Anonymous said…
Wow that's amazing! And what a blessing to have those old photos!

Melissa W
The comparisons are amazing - remember the 9 month photos we have? See if you can remember to get a similar one of lil'M at nine months as we will really see then!
To my eye the two month photos of uncle A and lil'M are almost identical.
Blessings and Love
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