I Missed It...

My two year blog-a-versary has just been and passed... and I missed it!

I knew it was this month, and I should have really taken more notice of it - but it has been a little bit busy here lately, so just haven't had a chance to look into it until today; and I missed it :-(!

So here is the post that started it all - dull and boring I know (I had blogged in a previous life, so you'd have thought I'd have written a catchier first post... but no)! 

Never mind - two years on and I now have a toddler and another wee babe, I have 25 followers and hopefully my posts are slightly more interesting... but other than that, not a whole lot has changed!

Left = Me and Button, 3 months (Aug 2010)
Right = Me and 'lil M, 3 months (July 2012)

Told you not much has changed... a few more gray hairs, a few more wrinkles and another baby to love on; and that's about it ;-)!


Happy two years! I just read your first post :)
(And don't worry, I missed my one year blog-a-versary a couple of months ago...)
MaxineD said…
Ahh - and a lot more wisdom and shorter, snappier, photo heavy posts now :-). Happy blog-aversary :-)
Love and blessings
Amy said…
Congratulations! Can't believe it has been two years. Here's hoping for another two (at least!)!

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