Instagram August...

I discovered Instagram this past month... so I thought I would share with you all the cool photos I have been taking! However, they are all so cool it gets it's very own post - be prepared for a photo-heavy post with very few words ;-)!

Photos of 'lil M:

Early one morning... our little wake-up call (teething)!

First day on the Jolly Jumper - a firm favourite now!

Check out that strength... only four months old and standing tall!

And the teething starts...

Our happy little dribbler (can you see the HUGE dribble trail down his chin?)!

One serious little thumb sucker!

Photos of Button:

Multi-tasking starts young - watching Mummy cooking dinner AND drawing a picture for Daddy!

Last day of Playcentre... three paintings and two collages later ;-)!

Nothing like bribery to make a LONG trip go smoother!

Family Photos:

First computer lessons with Daddy (and her very own computer - who'd have guessed when she has a Daddy who is a Computer Programmer)!

Daddy and 'lil M having a deep and very meaningful conversation!

Early morning entertainment - Button clapping along to 'If You're Happy...' and encouraging 'lil M to join in with her!

First attempt at a (small) grocery shop with both children alone! 

My two little cuties!

The day after...
Had watched the All Blacks beat Aussie the night before, and then had a LONG and BUSY morning the next day; the kids were also asleep and hubby was snoring gently beside me!!!!

My little family!

Pretty Photos:

A photo at dusk... 
Coming home from Tauranga, a nightmare trip home - this was the silver lining!!!!!

Beautiful flowers given to me by my beautiful daughter (after a nightmare start to the day)!

My son is very blessed to be able to sleep under the gorgeous woolen shawl that his Grandma (my Mum) knitted for my children! 

Hope you enjoyed this... I have not had the time or energy lately to post; hopefully that will change soon, but right now this is the best I can do!


Lovely photos - so looking forward to seeing then soon.
Love and blessings
Lovely to have you link up this week...isn't Instagram great - I love it!
Amy said…
Lil M and Mr C look like each other in that deep n meaningful! Love the thumb sucking and first Jolly Jumper photo. And the flowers from Button. Does she have a pony tail in the car seat or am I imagining things?
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