Is This Your Future Son?!?

Remember how I promised you here and again here, the chance to see my son and brother at the same age, posing in similar positions - just to REALLY show you how alike they are?!?

Well - here it is:

See what I mean? 
Can barely tell them apart (except 'lil M is just that bit cuter)!

This past weekend we popped down south, and managed to spend an afternoon with my brother and his family - so they were finally introduced to 'lil M (who is now FOUR months old; where has the time gone)!

And here is a photo of my little bro and my boy:

A glimpse into the future perhaps? Or maybe not... it'll be interesting to watch 'lil M grow up and see how much of the family resemblance he keeps... Button has changed SO much, that it is hard to recognise her now when looking back at her baby photos! 


Now that's a family resemblance! I love genes :)
WOW that first photo comparison is amazing!! the second one is pretty good too, especially of the senior bod as he usually hates photos taken!
Blessings and love
Amy said…
Hehe, do love the family resemblence and found myself wondering when we were downloading photos earlier today whether Lil M will look like his uncle when he is thirty-five?!?
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