My Little Chatterboxes...

I took some cute photos of my 'lil M the other day 'chatting' to me... and it reminded me of some photos I took of Button at about the same age; so I went looking for them tonight!

They are too cute not to share with you all (I know I am rather besotted with my children - but I won't apologise for this)!

Top photos are of Button back in August 2010 (3 months old), and the bottom ones are of 'lil M; one taken at the end of July and the other one just yesterday... in both of them he is also 3 months old!

'lil M talks HEAPS more than Button ever did, and yet she doesn't stop now... makes me shudder to think what I have got in store for me *grin*! I can imagine I won't get a word in edge-wise once 'lil M starts speaking understandable english; hopefully he will continue to be a male who is willing to talk, and doesn't end up resorting to grunts ;-)!


If he continues to be like Uncle A he will never stop talking :-).
You can see the differences between them starting to show in these photos.
Blessings and love
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