Things I am LOVING!

I just can't help myself...

I have got SO much to be thankful for this week, and so many 'little' posts I want to share; so I decided the best thing I could do is one post to cover them all! And the best way to do this; yet another LOVING post - lots to love, so be prepared for a photo-heavy post!

1) Hints of spring are popping up in our garden (oh - and a rainbow the other morning):

2) The other morning we had the most AMAZING sunrise I have ever seen... seriously! The colours were spectacular, and I couldn't help but take my camera out into the freezing cold and snap some pictures!

I expect these colours this time of year for sunsets... but have never seen a sunrise like this!

3) Then the morning after we had a much more 'normal' sunrise, but it also had some fantastic cloud formations fitted into it... so once more I braved the cold and took some photos:

4) And while we are on the topic of clouds and light; here are some photos I took today of some cool light and cloud sights:

5) My cat likes to hide in boxes:

6) We have had a week of Grandparents, much to my kids delight (as well as me of course)... my parents came up last Friday and stayed on until Tuesday, then hubby's Mum popped over on the Wednesday and stayed the night. Button thought this was the best week ever - she is becoming quite the bossy britches; so to have this many people at her beck and call was just the thing for her!

7) Sibling love!

I am SO blessed to have children who adore each other, Button is besotted with her little brother and constantly wants to kiss and cuddle him... 'lil M adores her, and as soon as he hears her voice he is looking for her; he follows her around with his eyes everywhere he possibly can  (you are being watched)! I hope that this continues on as they get older:

8) My kids...

Who doesn't think these kids are cute... I can't help myself, but here are a few of my favourite photos of them both from this week:

Top Left:
'lil M is loving tummy time these days - all of a sudden he has become SO much more aware and interested in life around him! Love it, but it does make it difficult getting him to sleep when we go out these days ;-)!
Top Right:
LOVE sleeping babies... love MY sleeping babies even more!
Bottom Left: 
Button always watches the cat this closely when she is eating, poor cat! I have watched the cat get up and walk away, coming back later to finish it when Button is out of sight!
Bottom Right: 
Button playing on Daddy's Smartphone (or mine)! 
Kids these days are growing up in such a different culture to what we did!


Miriam said…
yay for weeks full of beauty!!
Poor Pixel - having to leave her food because of the close inspection!! Great photos, and keep up the great work.
Blessings and Love
My Cat Likes To Hide In Boxes - our kids love that story! Their copy belonged to their dad when he was little :)

It looks like the age gap between your little ones is like that of mine (except for our Teen - biiig gap there). It's such an awesome gap - the older one is old enough to want to be a little mother, and yet too young to remember for long what life was ever like without him around.

I'm sure their bond will continue. She'll adore having a little sib who'll do her bidding, and he'll adore being bossed around (until he's big enough to boss back. Good luck then! Bahaha!) :)
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