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Bullet Point Sunday 3 - 30th September 2012

* It's not actually Sunday - it's Friday... haha! But after last week's fail - I though I would start earlier; partly in order to 'remember', partly in order to be more awake, and partly in order to rewrite if I ever find the time! * Pooh's and wee's... it's been one of those weeks this week! Button was not going AGAIN; but the conclusion is - she doesn't get constipation, she has a problem with the connection between her head and her bottom. Yep - it's a head thing (my Doc said she has never known a child hold on like she can - it's THAT bad). Over a week this time; over a week people. * Two days of tantrums... yep, pure unadulterated two year old-ness for two solid days. It was not pretty. I was not pretty - well, I was in a pretty grumpy mess; pretty tired mess and pretty OVER-IT mess; but not pretty! I know, I know - butter wouldn't melt in her mouth! * Oh, but my baby is angelic (he's not two yet)! A smoochy, chubb

Randomness - still a tired Mum!

* I have just started writing up my 'Bullet Point Sunday' post  for this week  (it's Friday night currently, and you thought I wrote this on Sunday... well you'd have been right every other week; just not this week!), and realised that some of these points are really not appropriate for a 'Bullet Point' Sunday; so have started a whole new random post - as they really are random points. * I am discovering a whole new set of blogs - they have been out there for a LONG time, but I have been avoiding blogland (bar the few I follow), as I just can't afford the time... but it got the better of me and I have been cruising. Now the decision - do I start 'following' a few new ones, or do I just pop in now and then and browse?!? * I have just rediscovered  this , it is a fictional story written out in blog form (the main character actually writes in a 'Prayer Journal' rather than a blog - and it has been written as though we can read her journal)

Wordless Wednesday = Home-made Goodness!

And here we have proof: Maybe there is hope for me yet... But it'll be a LONG time before you could ever call me an 'Earth Mama' though! Button enjoyed helping me mix things, but refused to eat the finished products (she just has no idea *cringe*), and both kids screamed while I blended the fruit for the fruit balls... had never heard my blender going! Ouch! Yep - something has to change around here, and today is the first day of the rest of their lives... hopefully with a whole load more homemade goodness filling them up! I'll get there ;-)!

Another 8 Year Milestone...

Well - it has been eight years... in some ways it feels like it has been forever; and eight years does not seem long enough or significant enough for all we have weathered together. In other ways eight years sounds like an eternity, and yet I can remember this day as clear as crystal - and feels like only a year or so ago! It says  here   that: 8th Anniversary Traditional Gift: Bronze or Pottery. Bronze is created by combining copper and tin and a strong marriage is created by the joining of two individuals who not only love one another, but who also place a high priority on their time together. Pottery begins with just a lump of clay that is slowly formed into something beautiful. Through their eight years together, a couple shapes their marriage into a beautiful relationship. 8th Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift: Linens or Lace. The modern gift of linens or lace can be a practical gift or a luxurious one. 8th Anniversary Gemstone: Tourmaline or tanza

The Up's and the Down's...

OR: The Highs and The Lows! OR: Oh - How The Numbers Have Changed! I really couldn't decide what I should title this post, so you have got them all... We should do a vote; once you have read my post - pop in and leave me a comment, and let me know which title YOU think would work best (or would have grabbed your attention the quickest)! ******************************************* I have always struggled with my weight, tending more towards the chubby side of life, rather than the skinny... but always dreaming and imagining and wanting to be one of those 'naturally slim' ladies who doesn't seem to have to do anything! It all seemed a bit unfair really! When we got married I weighed in at around the 65kg mark, I wasn't slim - but I felt comfortable in my skin, and felt it was a healthy 65kg for me (due to my health issues, getting out and doing full-on exercise just wasn't going to happen... but I had maintained this weight for a few yea

5@5 = Parenting

1) Hardest thing I have ever done... there is no instruction booklet on it; but even if there was - it wouldn't fit for us anyway! One thing I am learning is that 'One Size Doesn't Fit All'; this one statement means I can breathe a little easier and stop judging myself. Sure - we make mistakes and have had to learn the hard way at times, but just because your wee sweetie responds well to group interactions... doesn't mean mine does (and this, by the way, doesn't make me a bad parent either)! Don't mind me - just having a little pep-talk to myself here ;-)! 2) I still wake up some mornings and pinch myself, wondering how I ever got so lucky... if you knew me ten years ago; you'd understand why I say this. I never thought anyone would want to marry me, let alone that we'd be blessed enough to have two beautiful children - these days really are my dreams unfolding right before my eyes; I just forget sometimes! 3) I wish someone had told me of

Bullet Point Sunday 2 (23 Sept 2012)

The week has been quite reasonable really... we have had trying times; but not so many hard times! Yay for good weeks! Here are some of the highlights (and low lights, just to keep it real) : * 'lil M started solids this week - not so keen yet, and it seems to be making him quite windy (just Baby Rice). He appears more uncomfortable and spilly since being on them?!? Anyone else experience this? Button took to solids straight away, and never had a problem with the Baby Rice (from what I remember)... so this feels quite unusual! * Poor little guy also had his 5 month shots on Friday, but handled it like a pro! He wasn't so good with the previous two, but this time he has been great... was slightly off-colour on Saturday; but that was about it! * Loving Sunday afternoons - 'lil M was awake from 9:15am through to 1:30pm with only a 20 minute nap in the middle; so he crashed at 1:30pm and didn't wake up until 4:50pm! Button was put down for a sleep at 2pm, a

Just Thinkin' Outloud...

Sometimes I look at all the things are mothers / women / people are achieving in their lives and wonder what on earth I am doing... read: NOTHING! I know of a lady who has written and published two awesome books (well the second one is just going into print now), and she has a 4 year old and a 2 year old!  She has managed to write these books despite the children; and yet I use the children as my reason NOT to be doing such things in my life. She also does a lot of other things - but just the books are enough to leave me balanced between down-hearted and inspired :-)!  I know without a doubt, that if I got my bottom into gear and decided to do something like this e.g. follow MY dreams; my husband would support me 100%, and do whatever it took to make sure I had the time and space to pursue it. SO - what is holding me back... fear! Fear of failure and fear of rejection. Always comes back to fear  (oh and lack of confidence) , two things I don't want to pass onto my childr
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