5@5 = Button


* Button is 2... yep, and this means the 'Terrible Two's' have hit us thick and fast! But not all days are terrible days; in fact I need to keep in mind that we have more good days than bad still!

* She is BUSY, currently we just can't slow her down... she is either 'racing' or 'jumping' or 'climbing' or trying to encourage us to 'Race me Mummy; jump with me Mummy' or she is hiding the fact she has climbed higher than she is allowed too!

* She doesn't stop talking... there is a steady stream of words coming out of her mouth almost all the time these days! Every day she surprises me with the use of new words within appropriate sentences, and each day those sentences are getting longer and longer. I can't remember the time when she wasn't able to talk anymore; most of the time I don't mind though - as she is quite good company!

* She LOVES singing and dancing, and any music she hears with even a hint of a beat she starts moving too; no matter where we are! Currently she is learning the 'ABC' song, but for some reason never manages to remember 'T, U, V', so it goes from 'S to W'! She can also sing quite a number of other songs, and is fairly good at keeping the tune - I'm impressed!

* She adores her little brother and is quite Motherly - making sure he has toys at all times, that he has enough clothes on, and that I remember to change his nappy! She currently is really into family play... so she will pick out four toys and name them after us according to size ('This is Daddy, then Mummy, then Button and here is Bubba')! Very cute, odd at times, but cute! She always manages to see 'Bubba' in any small item ('Look Mummy, there is Bubba!', ME: 'That isn't Bubba,' looking at what she is pointing to quite confused. BUTTON: 'Yes it is, it's little so it's Bubba'. Hmmm, yep!!!!!)!!!

This is the first of many 5@5's to come... stay tuned! 


Cat said…
Yeah for busy happy little girls
There is a cure for two . . . it's called three!
Really enjoying your current postings, and you do have a very sweet daughter most of the time :-).Love you all.
Amy said…
I just love the child logic of 'Bubba' in everything! Very cute, and very logical really.
She sounds like so much fun, and so like Tiny! Love the idea that everything can be a bubba :)
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