5@5 = 'lil M

* My son is a DELIGHT! Seriously, he is the happiest baby I have met... teething, a cold, eczema - nothing gets in the way of a smile! He is sweetness and light, and such a joy to us! BUT, he is still (after two weeks of sleeping through), getting me up through the night for feeds, and at the moment seems stuck on the perpetual 45 minute sleep cycle during the day - driving me mad, but we are working on it!

* I think he is at the point of needing solids - so does hubby; we went down to the shops on Sunday, partly to buy some Baby Rice for him, and came back empty handed... after an early dinner on Monday hubby took Button down again (as we hadn't written a list on the Sunday / doh), and again was meant to bring back Baby Rice and again, forgot (went with a list that time even)! Yep... a few more broken nights yet to come before I can start filling that boy up!

* He can MOVE... on Monday after the others had headed out to the Supermarket, I put 'lil M down for a short sleep before his final feed for the night - sometimes he can hold out, sometimes he can't! He was exhausted but wouldn't settle, he wasn't seriously upset so I left him as I cleaned up - hoping he'd give in eventually, and didn't... and I went up to settle him, only to discover this:

Need I add he had been tucked under the blankets and facing the other way when I had left him; yep, now the fun begins!

* We have MORE clothes for this little fellow than we have / had for Button... blessed beyond reason, and ever so grateful! I can't believe how many cute clothes there are out there for little boys though, I have heard so many complaints - and yet I have no problem finding gorgeous clothes (maybe my expectations are lower or something)!

* He still seems to have a sensitive stomach - he is doing better than his sister at the same age, but I am really starting to get over breast-feeding and the limitations it brings! I fed Button until she was 18 months (and I was about 4 months pregnant with 'lil M) due to allergies... so this meant a very limited diet, I then had to cut out all number of things due to pregnancy (although I wasn't as strict as I had been with Button), and now I am breast-feeding again with limited diet - read, OVER IT! This child WILL be weaned at 12 months... sorry kid!


Beautiful sunny smile - and will of iron - I can see you have some serious fun coming up with this little man!!
Wee cutie! Hope his tummy issues settle down soon.
They always have a bit of sleep regression when they're learning a new skill, which might be why he's been waking in the night?
Regardless...how could you hold it against him with those big blue eyes smiling up at you?!
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