5@5 = Mr. C

* You would think one of his favourite colours is red - he has a LOT of red t-shirts, and he looks good in red... but it's not (he does like it, it's just not in the top few chosen ones)! Orange is a favoured colour however; but a much brighter and stronger orange than this! He also quite likes a strong grassy green, chocolate brown and mauve (his words, not mine)!

* He is natural father, we don't agree on everything - but he is far more realistic and natural at it than I am... seriously! I almost fear my daughter at times, as she is so strong-willed (she will tantrum to the point of vomiting - my worst fear); but he just looks right at her and says quietly to go ahead and try it, but she is not going to get her own way! He came home to an all-afternoon temper tantrum on Friday last week - and dealt with it well, to the point that the next three days were very peaceful (better to have it out on Friday than the weekend I have decided)!

* He is good at E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G  - seriously, it's enough to make you sick! Sports, cars, building, study, computers; you name it, and he has either tried it or knows more about it than anyone else (except taking photos, I generally manage to take better photos than him, hehehe)! And unfortunately he is also right most of the time; I think this is one of THE most annoying traits about him...

* Some of his best traits are similar to those of my Dad... they say you often manage to marry someone like your opposite sex parent. While they are VERY different in many ways; they are both extraordinarily loyal, generous to a fault and loving - three traits that I admire in them both hugely (and they're both sports-mad... I learnt very young, that if you can't beat 'em - join 'em; and learnt to love watching rugby, much to hubby's delight)!

* He is a cup-half-full kinda guy... can ALWAYS see the positive in everything. I am a cup-half-empty kinda gal, and we balance each other out rather well! At least I think so, however I suspect if you asked him - he'd tell you that I need to be more positive!


Nobody would ever suspect you are still madly in love with your hubby ;-).
Sounds like your perfect match :) I think the best relationships are the complementary ones.
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