5@5 = Parenting

1) Hardest thing I have ever done... there is no instruction booklet on it; but even if there was - it wouldn't fit for us anyway! One thing I am learning is that 'One Size Doesn't Fit All'; this one statement means I can breathe a little easier and stop judging myself. Sure - we make mistakes and have had to learn the hard way at times, but just because your wee sweetie responds well to group interactions... doesn't mean mine does (and this, by the way, doesn't make me a bad parent either)! Don't mind me - just having a little pep-talk to myself here ;-)!

2) I still wake up some mornings and pinch myself, wondering how I ever got so lucky... if you knew me ten years ago; you'd understand why I say this. I never thought anyone would want to marry me, let alone that we'd be blessed enough to have two beautiful children - these days really are my dreams unfolding right before my eyes; I just forget sometimes!

3) I wish someone had told me of the extraordinary emotions that go with being a parent; the love / guilt / frustration / tears / anguish / fear / adoration. I SO wasn't prepared for the rollercoaster ride... but I also think this is something you learn along the way; you just don't 'get it' until you have your own precious little one(s) to look after.

4) The amount of 'stuff' you have to take E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E  just does my head in... seriously need two cars; one for me and the kids, and the second one just for 'the stuff'!

5) Housework - what housework? By the time I disentangle myself from little arms and little faces, there really is NO time for anything outside of the VERY basics (and I mean basics - dishes, dinner and washing... yep, that is probably about it)! If you come to visit - don't look down very much, and please don't comment on the state of my bathroom. Yep - it's that bad, and I am well aware of it! But the time will come when all I have left to remind me of these days IS the housework - and I doubt I'll be enjoying it anymore then than I do now... but one day there will be a choice!?! Right now there seems to be very little choice!


Miriam said…
housework is for losers!! ;-) I jest of course they aren't losers but I don't appreciate them showing me up!
Amy said…
Haha, I had to laugh at your 'the amount of stuff I have to take everywhere' description...you should have seen our car yesterday - a two day trip and you could hardly see the child in the middle there!

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