Another 8 Year Milestone...

Well - it has been eight years... in some ways it feels like it has been forever; and eight years does not seem long enough or significant enough for all we have weathered together. In other ways eight years sounds like an eternity, and yet I can remember this day as clear as crystal - and feels like only a year or so ago!

It says here that:

8th Anniversary Traditional Gift:

Bronze or Pottery. Bronze is created by combining copper and tin and a strong marriage is created by the joining of two individuals who not only love one another, but who also place a high priority on their time together.
Pottery begins with just a lump of clay that is slowly formed into something beautiful. Through their eight years together, a couple shapes their marriage into a beautiful relationship.

8th Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift:

Linens or Lace. The modern gift of linens or lace can be a practical gift or a luxurious one.

8th Anniversary Gemstone:

Tourmaline or tanzanite.

8th Anniversary Color:

Tourmaline *(pink), tanzanite *(blue), or bronze.

8th Anniversary Flower:

Clematis, a beautiful climber that traditionally means clever, intellectual.

Ways to Celebrate Your 8th Anniversary:

  • Go out and play billiard-table eight ball.
  • Plant a clematis vine in your yard.
  • Go to a pottery class together.
  • Purchase tickets to a show, movie, sports event, concert, theatre, etc. to attend together.

Gift Suggestions to Purchase for Your 8th Anniversary:

  • Bronze photo frame with the picture of the two of you.
  • Purchase a bronze framed share of stock in a major company that has meaning to the both of you.
  • Lace gloves *(or...).
  • Pottery vase.
  • Bronze wind chimes.
  • Soft, cuddly blanket.
  • Bronze door knocker.
  • Tourmaline jewelry.
  • Bronze bookends.
  • Bronze sculpture.
  • Lace tablecloth.

Gift Suggestions to Make for Your 8th Anniversary:

  • Stuff a bronze box with a love note, book on romance, love coupons, picture of the two of you, etc.
  • Make a pottery vase.
  • Road map describing a short trip to take together to a locale where you can take a pottery class together.

*my added bits

So, with all this in mind... I think I will do a few random lists of eight instead; as we're not going to have a chance to do much or buy much on the above lists with a toddler and a 5 month old baby ;-)!  

8 Things I LOVED About Our Wedding:

* I got to marry YOU!
* The theme colours were purple and silver... two of my favourite colours, and as it turns out - two of yours also (well purple is anyway)!
* We were surrounded by almost all our family and friends on the day!
* After being a bridesmaid four times, I finally got to be the bride, and share my day with three of my closest and oldest friends ;-)! 
* I felt gorgeous and you looked pretty hot yourself!
* We managed to bring it in on budget... impressive!
* People went out of their way to help us, it was organised quickly (six weeks; another story for another time), and we really were blessed beyond what we imagined possible!
* We get to spend the rest of our lives together!

8 Reasons Why I Love Being Married to You:

* You are the romantic one... seriously, it may not be with flowers and gifts (which of course is my love language), but you make sure the romance stays alive - I'm shocking for this!
* You are an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Dad; our kids are so blessed to have you as their Daddy - they will never ever doubt your love for them; as you shower them with it everyday! It makes me fall in-love with you even more...
* You back me up in front of the children, you encourage me to chase my dreams (and get infuriated when I don't), you encourage me to get out and socialise and are happy to stay at home with the kids.
* You think I am HOT!
* You always put your family first - if I ring you at work, and you feel you need to come home; nothing will stop you. I know I am blessed that you work in a supportive company, and are able to do this; many men don't!
* You are a GREAT provider, we may not be in the highest earning category - but we never go without, and for this I am truly grateful!
* You dream BIG dreams and you always share them with me... we have dreams for our future and family that are (and always were), very similiar - and you're going to make it happen, no matter what!
* Even now, eight years later - you still enjoy my company; and are more than happy just to stay home and spend time with me and the kids! We are planning ahead and hoping to get a bit of time together sans kids in the medium future; but until then you're quite content to be 'just us'! 

I love you; I love that you can still make me laugh (even when I am grumpy with you), I love how you love our kids, I love that we are still dreaming and planning together, I love that you're not willing to just 'keep the status quo' but are always striving for more, I love your inconsistencies and how much you change your mind - keeps me on my toes, I love how much housework you still do, I love all the furniture you've made and all the promises of more - your practical side balances out the intellectual perfectly (whew), I love watching the All Blacks play with you, I love spending time with you... and am looking forward to the next eight years by your side (and many more following that also)!


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