Bullet Point Sunday 2 (23 Sept 2012)

The week has been quite reasonable really... we have had trying times; but not so many hard times! Yay for good weeks! Here are some of the highlights (and low lights, just to keep it real):

* 'lil M started solids this week - not so keen yet, and it seems to be making him quite windy (just Baby Rice). He appears more uncomfortable and spilly since being on them?!? Anyone else experience this? Button took to solids straight away, and never had a problem with the Baby Rice (from what I remember)... so this feels quite unusual!

* Poor little guy also had his 5 month shots on Friday, but handled it like a pro! He wasn't so good with the previous two, but this time he has been great... was slightly off-colour on Saturday; but that was about it!

* Loving Sunday afternoons - 'lil M was awake from 9:15am through to 1:30pm with only a 20 minute nap in the middle; so he crashed at 1:30pm and didn't wake up until 4:50pm! Button was put down for a sleep at 2pm, and while she didn't sleep - she sang and chatted quite happily until 4pm, when we gave up and got her up! 

* I actually got to read for 1.5 hours solidly this afternoon - I can't remember the last time I did this... pure heaven!

* Compare that to Friday - yep, that was 'one of those days'! Bubs had his shots, and afterwards we went to pick up a friend... Button (not the baby) cried all the way out to pick her up and then all the way home. She got popped (very unceremoniously) into her room when we got home and told she wasn't allowed to come out until she apologised! Took four chances before she finally realised I meant business... then that night she was up until 10pm - never done this to us before, it was sheer naughtiness! But it has meant that she has gone down like an angel the past two nights as she has been so tired!

* I am currently reading Diane Levy's book 'Of Course I Love You, Now Go To Your Room'... a great read, and it is encouraging me that we are doing the right thing in the way we are now starting to handle her tantrums and bad behaviour!

* Hubby managed to finish one of the drawers on the Entertainment Unit this past weekend; promising me that the other one will be completed and attached next weekend! Wahoo!

* Button and I shook it up a bit this week - I started doing some sleep-training with 'lil M again as I realised some of the two year old behaviour will be due to lack of time with me... 'lil M goes down easily, he is fantastic - but he was getting stuck on that 45 minute sleep cycle; driving us all mad! But things are slowly improving, and this has meant more time with Button... so there was water play, totally instigated by her (bathing her baby doll Ruby, followed by measuring and pouring, finished off with floating and sinking):

* We also had a picnic on the lounge floor for lunch one day... not such a great idea to do this with the TV on; there was a whole lot of prodding and reminding her to eat!

* We also continued working on her letter recognition and learning the alphabet... she can now sing the entire alphabet correctly, and can recognise almost all the letters with some encouragement! SO exciting - we can't read a book or go down to the shops without her pointing out numbers and letters (she can count to 10, and is fairly good with colours also):

* Currently pretend play is the newest thing - she has a little dollshouse with 7 little dolls... there is 'Daddy, Mummy, Button and 'lil M' all living there as well, so sometimes I have to listen and try and work out if she is talking to that 'Mummy' or me! I have a little video of her playing with this, but no photos - as it would mean nothing! However, she also has a little train she got right back for her 1st birthday that is getting played with everyday as well - it has 'peoples' in it, and drives up and down hills and mountains all the time!

* This week has been warm enough, dry enough and light enough that we have been able to spend more time outside - whoop, whoop!

Excuse the large revolting soggy nappy - it was the end of the day, and a very bad photo!

Flower for you Mummy!

'lil M's first go on the trampoline... he loved being outside with us all, and dotes on his sister!

* Sunday morning family time in bed:

Playing on Mummy's Smartphone... had them all mesmorised today :-)!

* On the way home from church this afternoon Hubby stopped so Button could 'meet' the 'Neigh-Neighs' that live down the road... she seems to have quite a soft spot for horses (well animals in general); much to hubby's delight as he worked with horses fora few years:

* The cat found a perfect spot in the sun - on top of Button's puzzles, which live under the coffee table (until the toddler discovered her):

* Peek-a-boo Mummy:

I'm sorry this week is so photo-heavy again... but there were just so many cute ones to chose from, so you got them all! 

Not all weeks are going to be like this, I am hoping for more like last week! I really should have done this post this afternoon when I had the time and was more awake, but I am now tired and not really remembering very well - hence the photo-heavy post; I went through this past weeks photos to jog my memory and kept uploading them to share with you!


So glad you are gaining confidence in how you are parenting (via the book) and that things are calming a wee bit. Oh the the joys of family :-)
Amy said…
Hey, wondering if Lil M might respond differently to a different solid - maybe fruit? Agh, being yelled at by toddler, sorry! ;op
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