I have decided it is time I instigated some changes around here... not only have I been uninterested due to lack of sleep and time; but I have been somewhat unmotivated as well.

So I have been thinking - what can I do to ramp it up a bit; make it more interesting for you (and for me), and make sure there are more regular entries to read!?!

One of the new ideas was introduced last night with 'Bullet Point Sunday'... but I have always loved Angela at Striking Keys idea of 'Five At Five' and 'Eight At Eight' (the link will take you straight into one of her latest installments of this). So I thought - why not make something up like this of my own? It is short, sweet, easy and interesting - for me to write, and hopefully, you to read also! So I am going to TRY to do regular 'Five At Five' installments; they won't be the same as Angela's by any stretch of the imagination; I am just 'stealing' her idea!

I also REALLY enjoy reading Ange at Tall, Short and Tiny 'Random' Posts... again, quick and easy to write up, and to read (and best of all - I don't have to make sense, or follow any theme)! Makes me more inspired if I know I don't have to edit and collate a whole lot of photos just to do a quick post (those photo collages take longer than writing up any post does)! 

I also enjoyed my Instagram August post, inspired again by Cat who has been doing Instagrammin Sunday for a long time now! So you'll be sure to be seeing more of those Instagrammin Photos coming up on here... how I will implement these is anyone's guess still though!

There will be other posts come and go as usual - including many photo posts of the kidlets I am sure... but at least you know there will be other things to look forward to as well :-)!

Here is hoping these inspire me to keep regular contact with my blog (and you) for the next while!

Got to go and put my wee boy to bed now, and then maybe I'll actually find the time to write one of these inspirational posts up after that ;-)!


They really don't need to be d&m posts - I enjoy reading of your family doings - but then I am biased :-).
p.s. I will go look at the other blogs and see what you were talking about.
Cat said…
whoop whoop whoop
I've inspired someone to join in with Instagrammin Sunday
Shall I make a badge LOL
Aw, thanks so much!!

I love doing the random thoughts posts for the same reason - I can just write down those odd little things that spring to mind that I want to share, but don't need a whole blog post of their own.

Fun :)
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