I have not been on here much lately... the fatigue has hit quite hard, and we have both been taking it quietly and getting early nights recently! August has just been one of those months for us - but hopefully we'll be back and going hard at life again soon! Might just have to pick us up some berocca and vitamins, and give the family a kick-start into spring :-)!

So - really the best I can do currently is to give you a pictorial view into August and September; and share my favourite family photos with you... hope you enjoy them!

Will be back soon; promise 
(maybe, if I start to get some sleep soon and feel more alive)!

Hubby and the kids:


'lil M:

The Kids Together:

Me and Button:

Turns out that there are no photos of me and 'lil M together over this time... sad, and something I must make more effort to remedy! Button is now getting old enough and big enough to pose together for self-portraits; I did try with 'lil M but I couldn't fit his face and mine into one photo (as you can see even me and Button are a push). The parents are up this coming weekend, so will try and ask them to take a few of me together with each of the kids!

Then just to prove I'm not actually SCARED of the camera, here are a couple of silly photos of me! Button thought it hilarious that I was taking photos of me making faces at the camera, and kept wanting to see them:

Some of these you may recognise from Instagram August; although of course they have been cropped and filtered and look SO much cooler through Instagram!

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Miriam said…
hope you get LOTS of rest. peace x
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