More Randomness from a TIRED Mum!

* Just a warning - the 5@5 Posts are not going to be daily occurrences; the past weeks series has been easy... it was my family! I do have a few more up my sleeve, but from here on in they will be randomly posted about random items - make sense?!?  

* I am tired (this time) because our day yesterday finally stopped at 10pm when my daughter fell asleep; then today started at 4:30am when she woke up for the first time... then baby woke at 5am for a feed, then Button woke again (for the day) at 5:45am *yawn*! Thankfully she gave us a decent day sleep today, and crashed tonight at 7:30pm - and hasn't been heard from since! Very unusual I must say, she is typically a great night sleeper...

* Why is it that when you want to pop out for a quick coffee with a friend (and hubby actually is the one encouraging it), everything about the day conspires against you! Ah well - it's the thought that counts I guess!

* I got this sweetest FB message the other day from a lovely friend; brought tears to my eyes:

Hiya, I just read your 5@5 about yourself and just thought cause people NEVER do this I'll tell you five things I LIKE about you...
1) Your honesty. So refreshing! NO ONE else I know is as honest as you about how they really feel about parenting or marriage or anything. Just when I think I'm the only one that feels a certain way you will say it on your blog or in person. So nice and comforting to know I'm not alone & I bet a lot of your friends feel like that too. smile
2) I admire that you have your weight under control. Very inspiring. Now maybe one day I can too...!
3) You were kind to me @ work when not many others made an effort. I think I still had some post-natal depression then & really needed a bit of kindness.
4) You have never ever tried to pressure me to go to church, just quietly answered any questions I have in a very non-threatening way.
5) You work so hard at being a good Mum. I'm sure they will appreciate it when they are older. smile
And there are loads more...!
Anyway hopefully you will not think I'm strange for doing this but the people at work recently diagnosed with cancer has really made me think about what I appreciate about people & how we often think about it but never get around to saying it.

Thank you dear friend, you have no idea how many times I have already read this over... and probably will continue doing so for a while yet! Does my heart good!

* I sometimes wonder if anyone actually reads my blog... but then I get a message like the one above; or someone refers to my daughter as Button (we never actually call her that IRL, nor our son 'lil M) and I'll grin to myself and think - aha, somebody is reading my writing; and once more I am inspired (despite the tiredness) to continue!

* Am I crazy - or are there 'cliques' even in the blogging world? Or is this just me?

* I just wrote up a point that kind of G.R.E.W... so I have now copied and pasted it into it's own post! Random!

* I keep checking my e-mail... anal! I need to get out of this habit, but whenever I am stuck for inspiration or just trying to think of the correct word (or even correct spelling of said word) I tend to pause, and then check for new e-mail - just like there could be one just drop into my inbox saying exactly what I am looking for; NOT!

* Hubby finished one draw altogether for our entertainment unit today - hooray, he said the other draw will be finished this time next week! Will post a photo when fully completed...

* We had Fish n Chips for dinner tonight, hubby took Button all the way out to Clevedon to get them - as we'd discovered a gorgeous shop out there that made the BEST fish n chips we'd ever had. DAMN - new owners meant sucky dinner, and I am still suffering with indigestion. Was SO disappointed!

* 'lil M started solids this past week, he is slowly getting used to them - but he isn't as keen as what his sister was when she started them, and I think it is leaving his tummy quite windy (it's only baby rice so far). Poor little thing seems to have been a bit more uncomfortable and windy since then, but he also had his 5 month jabs on Friday - so it could have been that?!? Who knows ;-)!

Here is a photo of his first ever mouthful of solids:

And here is Button finishing it off for him, she LOVES it (despite it tasting like wallpaper paste, gross!):

I think this is enough randomness for one night now!


What a long day for you, hope you get to bed early to catch up yourself.
I think there are blogging cliques, sadly - I don't get cliques in real life, so understand them even less in blog land!
Lovely message from your friend, and sounds like it came at the right time.
Enjoy the last of your weekend xx
somehow there are always cliques in life - real and bloggy - pity, as such closed groups really miss out on the broader scope of life.
love the quote from your friend - and it is true!! but them I am biased.
blessings and love

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