Random Thoughts from a TIRED Mum!

* I STILL sometimes have flash-backs when picking up my son... he really does look like his Uncle to the point it just throws me something chronic! I am getting better now... but, 

Awww - but he's cute (my son that is)!

* I am waiting for hubby to finish up whatever he is doing on the computer... I have spent the evening typing up scheduled posts, but I won't be giving away just what I have written up, how many or when they'll be arriving on my blog! So I am almost blogged out tonight, and yet there is NOTHING to show for it yet!

* Our kids have been making odd noises in their sleep all evening, I really hope they both don't carry this on all night - could make for limited sleep and a grumpy Mummy tomorrow (which is a high possibility anyway considering how late it is, and that I am expecting 'lil M to wake for a feed - he only went down on one side this evening)!

* Have I mentioned that I HATE planes? Nope? It is an odd thing to hate, as I don't mind the traveling side of things... but we live directly underneath the flight path for Auckland International Airport and the planes are constant and oftentimes LOUD (like the one going over right now). They can still wake me up, and I know they also disturb 'lil M, which bugs me something bad; Button however can sleep through a smoke alarm going off right outside her bedroom door at night. She's a shocking day sleeper - but night time you can do almost anything until 5am; I don't know what it is about 5am, but any noise after 5am wakes her up!

* I need to make a new star chart for Button - she has got through her Pooh Chart (although we STILL haven't fixed that problem entirely), but this time we think we need to make it more general. Some of the current behaviour could do with modifying!

* I have seriously cute children!

* I am the biggest procrastinator I know; there are so many other things I should be doing right now (including sleep), but I am still sitting here on my computer.

* I want to make Button an Alphabet Book for Christmas, with photos of relevant people / things in her life - but I haven't even started it yet!

* Next Tuesday (not tomorrow) is the 25th; this means there is only 3 months until Christmas... THREE MONTHS FOLKS, oh, and it's our 8th wedding anniversary!

* I have currently got idea's for posts coming out my ears - I need to write these down though, as I am just as likely to forget them tomorrow!

* I am attending a Financial Seminar tomorrow night, I am not sure if this is going to show us just how well we are doing; or how badly we are handling things. I am actually a little bit worried, as I know we could probably be doing better - but I quite like the freedom I have when it comes to purchasing things! I am not a Spend-Thrift, but I am not a Saver either.

* I have 130 e-mails sitting in my inbox unread (and 167 altogether)... I am usually anal (repeat ANAL) about reading and replying / filing / deleting everyday, but I can't be bothered at the moment! These are not even Facebook e-mails either - I turned off the notifications for this a couple of weeks ago. I am panicking just thinking about it...

* I really, I mean REALLY need to try and get some sleep now!



Ha, I am also extremely OCD about my email inbox - having old emails just sitting there drives me CRAZY!!

(Aren't these random thought posts fun to do??!)
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