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I have always struggled with my weight, tending more towards the chubby side of life, rather than the skinny... but always dreaming and imagining and wanting to be one of those 'naturally slim' ladies who doesn't seem to have to do anything! It all seemed a bit unfair really!

When we got married I weighed in at around the 65kg mark, I wasn't slim - but I felt comfortable in my skin, and felt it was a healthy 65kg for me (due to my health issues, getting out and doing full-on exercise just wasn't going to happen... but I had maintained this weight for a few years by then, and was okay with it)!

But the first couple of years of marriage were stressful - there were a lot of changes and adjustments happening, not just due to being married; but in our lives in general. This meant the weight piled on, and I gained an extra 10kg, which did not sit well on my reasonably small frame (I am only about 165cm tall, or 5 foot 5 inches). I used to tell everyone I was big boned, but it is not true... I was lying to myself more than anyone else.

Here is a little montage of me at my heaviest:

Left: Hubby and I dressed up for sis-in-laws wedding, November 06
Top Right: Me at work on 'Queens Birthday' in June 2007 (our big boss always dressed up for such occasions, this time he came as a 'Drag Queen')
Bottom Right: Valentines Day (February) 2007

That year my health got pretty bad (weight is one of my trigger factors), and hubby convinced me to go to the Doctors and ask for some weight-loss pills. Once the Doctor saw how bad things were, and how out-of-control my health had got - he was happy to prescribe some for me, but only until I was well enough to look after myself. I dropped 10kg in six months, and by then I was well enough to be running again, and came off the pills... here I am in the November 2007 after the 10kg weight loss:

So I was pretty much down to my wedding weight by this stage, and continued to lose another few kilo's under my own steam; probably going down to about 62-63kgs. However, my body seemed to be comfortable sitting at that 65kg mark, so I bounced back up to this and stayed there until I got pregnant with Button in the August 2009.

I was quite worried about my weight after the baby, and was concerned I'd not be able to lose the extra kilo's (I gained 10kg throughout the pregnancy, which I was pretty happy with - going back up to the 75kg mark); it seemed the majority of woman struggle with this... and knowing my history, it seemed inevitable to me. 

However, during Button's pregnancy it seemed I was all fluid, and managed to lose 12kg in those first two weeks after birth - I have never peed so much in my life!!!!! I was SO stoked with this, as this meant I was lighter than pre-pregnancy! Then with Button being a reflux baby - the first six months were spent walking and walking and walking (up and down our stairs the majority of the time) with the baby in a front pack, to try and settle her; she basically spent her first six months crying! So by the time she was six months old I had lost another 8kg's and was down to 55kg - I hadn't been this weight since I was in High School... I LOVED it!!!!!!!!! I think in the end I settled on about 57kg after stopping the extreme stair-walking, and cutting back all those feeds; but I was loving the fact I am now old enough to appreciate being my size, and not constantly wishing I was smaller - still have the 'baby jelly-belly' though, but I have no stretch marks (good old Bio-Oil), so my belly doesn't bother me much!

I did wonder how I would go after the second pregnancy - 'lil M isn't a reflux baby (praise God), so I have not had to do the walking I did with Button; and I didn't carry anywhere near the same amount of fluid throughout that pregnancy. Of course I started off a much smaller size, which helps - only gaining 9-10kgs again; so I think at my heaviest I was only about 66kgs with him.

But once more the weight fell off, and continues to do so - I know breast-feeding helps significantly, but I seriously have no idea why (all of a sudden) my body, at the ripe old age of 37, has changed it's weight-gaining ways! I don't do any exercise to speak of, I am on my feet a lot with the kids - but not in an exercise way... however, I am ever so grateful and have not taken it for granted, knowing I could quite easily fall back into my old habits / weight. 

This is me today - another 2kg's lighter again, at 53kg's:

The middle picture is what you'd see me looking like out on the street, as I don't tend to wear singlets in public (especially not this time of year *grin*); but the outer two photos give you a much better idea of my size... I think I need a new wardrobe, as most of my clothes were bought when I was weighing a good 10kg's heavier, and still make me look bigger than what I am; well that's my excuse anyway.

My health has stayed fairly under control since my weight has been down, with only the odd flare-up now and then (and even those don't last long, and are triggered by other things such as stress, bad eating etc)... if you're not sure what I am talking about, check out this page on my blog for a quick over-view of what I suffer from.

I wish I knew what had caused this sudden metabolic transition - it could make me a millionaire *grin*, but whatever it is; I will be forever grateful to be able to spend a few years in the 'I am slim and I don't do anything to maintain it' category! I will need to take a look at my diet *very* soon (lets just say - lollies, chips and chocolate are far too regularly consumed, seriously), otherwise this post will just be a reminder of 'what used to be', especially once I stop breast-feeding!

Don't hate me... I haven't been like this for very long! I also have to admit it makes me realise that everyone has their own story when it comes to weight - even the slim ones; I used to just make assumptions and judgments, but I don't anymore.


Cat said…
Yep disliking you right about now ;'(
65kg humph would make me HAPPY
I have struggled and I mean struggled with my weight all my life but lately have come to accept this is me and I have a big bum and a big heart to match :)
Aynsley said…
Finally I have reached a stage in my life where I measure myself against how well I feel not how heavy I am. Taking high dose steroids for such a long time and seeing how my appearnace changed for the worse in such a short time has made me realise that everyone has a story to tell and that these stories are not always obvious from the outside. I am finally happy in my own skin and surprisingly I am loosing weight through almost no effort. Walking more and feeling happy to go on adventures with Lucy is my main drivers and like many others I am happy to say I am a Mum with all the body changes to prove it!
I like The Highs and The Lows :)
You look great; sounds like it's been quite a journey for you. BF a hungry boy, and going dairy-free will be helping the weight fall off...but also, you've probably stopped worrying about it so much, and it's naturally happened?
Can I also say that I think you really suit the long hair with the sweeping fringe??! You should grow it... ;)
Amy said…
So pleased the second time round post-baby-weight is going well for you. Grin. Was talking with a friend recently who lost a lot of weight after baby - her doc said while most women's metabolism slows after babies, in a few it speeds up. Maybe yours has sped up?
Not sure which title I like the most...
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