Two Things...

Two things I suspect I will be needing to keep in mind fairly regularly from now on are:

1) Time to myself during the day is a bonus; not an expectation. If I expect it, I come away disappointed and frustrated when the children don't meet my expectations... then I get grumpy - and it's not necessarily even their fault!

2) My children do not need to dictate MY mood; this is my choice and my responsibility! So if Button is having yet another two year old tantrum I can react in two ways:
a) Have a tantrum myself and get frustrated and angry with her... taking it out on others around me also.
b) Realise this is just par for the course, deal with it the best way I can - BUT don't take it personally, and don't let it ruin my day or dictate my mood (otherwise poor 'lil M and hubby also suffer).

I am slowly getting there; I am not the fastest learner (nor the most 'grown up' person here... sometimes even Button acts more grown up than me *sigh*)!


Good thoughts my dear - I remember the frustration when I got no time when I had hoped for some, but life goes on and you will survive - preferably with a smile.
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