Unfinished Business...

We have some 'Unfinished Business' in our house... it has taken well over a year to get to the point where it is fully functional; but who knows how long before it'll actually become fully functional AND beautiful to behold?

If you read this post and this post recently, you'll know what I am talking about; so I thought it was time for an update:

Here is our fully functional, albeit not yet beautiful, entertainment unit... drawers completed and working, but none of that gorgeous wood yet adorns the front of them! 

The wood has been bought and is now home; it just needs gluing, sanding and oiling to bring it up to speck - and then screwed on the front to make it sensational; just like our coffee table, and the dining table to come!

Once the entertainment unit has been fully completed, I'll do another update :-)! Yay! Shouldn't be long now, as the chairs have motivated Mr.C again - he also wants a nice table, and is starting to talk size (but he promises not to start that until the unit is finished)!

PS - The entertainment unit it NOT bowed, nor will it ever bow - the photo is obviously worse quality than I had realised! The wood is quite thick; original photos of the making of it will show this better!


One day not too soon we will see :-).
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