Wordless Wednesday = Home-made Goodness!

And here we have proof:

Maybe there is hope for me yet...

But it'll be a LONG time before you could ever call me an 'Earth Mama' though! Button enjoyed helping me mix things, but refused to eat the finished products (she just has no idea *cringe*), and both kids screamed while I blended the fruit for the fruit balls... had never heard my blender going! Ouch!

Yep - something has to change around here, and today is the first day of the rest of their lives... hopefully with a whole load more homemade goodness filling them up!

I'll get there ;-)!


Thats one awesome start - well done and keep up the good work :-)
Love and blessings
PS they look yummy :-)
Tiny doesn't like it when I use "the noise" which is the processor/blender/beater/stick mixer, and I use at least one almost daily!
Your goodies look tasty - well done! You'll be a domestic goddess before you know it ;)
Amy said…
Hope you are enjoying your delicious goodies - more for you if the kids don't want any, at any rate! Wish I was visiting you right now...they sure look good!
Sammy said…
They look great!
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