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Things To Do... No Time To Do It!

It has been busy here again... there always seems to be 101 things to do, and never enough time (or energy) to do them all. I could use a few extra hours in the day (well, evening really, once the kids are asleep *grin*), and maybe an extra day each week, but it has to be a 'weekend day'; as nothing gets accomplished when I am dealing with the kiddo's alone!
Dreams are free I suppose!
Anyway - I am thinking and listing and trying to come up with some time-saver plans; things that may take a bit extra time to get sorted and start implementing, but over time will eventually help us save time!!!! You can tell that there has been a lot of time taken on this paragraph... ;-)!!!
One of the things is a Monthly Planner, this is how it started off looking:

I have a diary which I keep a track of things, but I found I was missing stuff as it only has two days on each page... and instead of looking ahead, I'd be double-booking us, as I would tell myself I'd just add it in later. N…

Bullet Point Sunday 6 = 28 October 2012

* Happy birthday to one of my closest friends...

May you have a blessed and amazing year this year! (God knows that you need one)!
We love you and are truly thankful to have you in our lives...
* It has been a BUSY, but fun week!
* Today is DAY 5 of fine weather... I think that even beats last summer! It is really starting to feel like summer is just around the corner, and boy am I ready for it!
* I have never known so much washing... praising God for fine weather at the moment! Between a small boy on solids, and a toddler toilet training - there are clothes (dirty clothes) everywhere as far as the eye can see!
* Suicide hit our church this past week... my head can't comprehend it, and my heart hurts for family and friends. If you are praying people, please be in prayer for my church family - there are a lot of people in shock and pain over this, it has been a rough few days.
* The reality is I live an amazing life; and times like these are reminders to grab every moment... to take every …

Silent Sunday - And He's Off...

Finally caught 'lil M rolling on camera: (next goal - catch it on video)!

What a clever wee man!

Bullet Point Sunday 5 = 21 October

* This needs to cover a whole fortnight - I missed last week due to having travelled down to my parents with two small children that day... but hopefully I will remember enough to cover the majority of the 'interesting' points!
* Both the kids slept yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours, and they are both down now also... miracle! I think they're both asleep this time also ('lil M is, and Button appears to be - no noise for quite some time from her; so we're living in hope)!
* Hubby TOLD me to blog... he told me to forget going out or doing housework, and just relax and do something I want to do while I can, like blog. I listened!
* I'm getting a kindle... I'm getting a kindle... I'm getting a kindle... I'm getting a kindle... I'm getting a kindle... I'm getting a kindle!!!!!!! Can you tell I am just a LITTLE bit excited by this!!!!

Link here
* There is another house being built down our driveway - loads more traffic, and a digger (much to Bu…

Let the FUN Begin!


Not Forgotten...

Just on holiday... heading home tomorrow, so hopefully next week I'll be back into the swing of things!
Loads of photos, loads of post idea's and loads to share - so look out, I'll be filling your inbox again soon!
So until then - here are a few photos to enjoy!

Three cousins...

Early morning Grandparent snuggles for 'lil M

The 'Vulture Attack' - Button getting a second breakfast!

Randomness - from a not quite so tired Mum!

(at least not today)!!!!!!!!!
* I might not be quite so tired... but I am having odd dizzy spells! Hmmm, strange but true! However, I think hubby worked out the answer to that mystery - low iron, still breast-feeding etc! So should really ring the Doc and pop down and see her this week...
* I LOVE... I mean LLLLOOOOVVVVVEEEEWhittakers Dark Ghana Peppermintand have I mentioned previously that it is dairy-free! Oh yes - totally addictive:

I'd pretty much say 'yes' to anything if you promised me a good coffee and a bar of the above (oh - and some child-free time; that would almost put you under miracle worker / angelic in my books)!!!!!
* I hate wind... seriously, I'd have a thunder storm over wind any day! I know I have mentioned my odd hatred of planes before, but wind is right up there also. I have never been a fan, but this house totally has sealed that for me - we are quite exposed, and have a hill right behind us; yep, not a good combo for a wind-hater like myself! We a…

Bullet Point Sunday 4 = 7 October 2012

* Rain, rain and more rain... why?!?
* So - I had all these points, funny and all, but I didnt write them down or start my post early this week... they've all gone, ALL GONE! I am still blaming 'Baby Brain'; how much longer do you think I can milk this excuse?!?
* I read a comment on Instagram 'It'd be fair to say success or failure currently rests solely on the 2 year old's mood'! Oh - I SO understand this (and this from a Mum of 5... and the two year old being her second youngest; that made my day)! Thanks Dee, you have no idea how normal that makes me feel!
* This time next week me and the kids will be at my parents for our first night solo... hubby is looking forward to a quiet week at home! 
* This week I have been blogging about 'real life', with my 'Trying So Hard' post and my 'What Do You Do...' (to beat the blahs)BUT, there is more real life I haven't posted about yet!
That 'MeatloafI tried cooking...

Yeah - not so good,  …

I May Not Be Able To See...

But I'm gonna jump anyway!

This pretty much sums up her life philosophy at the moment!!!!!!

Coming At Ya...

Cuteness galore...

What do YOU do...

To beat the BLAH's?!?
I have just asked this question on Facebook... and will share some of the answers at the end of this post!
Basically me and the kids have got ourselves into a bit of a rut - there is always someone either sleeping or eating (or about to), and it makes it difficult to get out of the house, and with the horrid weather as it is - who wants to get out anyway?!?
So I need some blah-beating idea's that will get us through to summer... some fun activities to do with the kids that don't require a lot of planning, and preferably isn't weather-dependent! Poor old Button is suffering the most, as now she doesn't even get out to Playcentre - so she is stuck at home day in and day out! I do try and get out at least once a week - but this week it's Thursday and we're still at home. Had planned on going out today, but baby slept an extra hour and the weather was atrocious this morning - so that put pay to that. Maybe tomorrow...???!!!
But I also need som…

Trying SO Hard!

Be warned - this is an honesty post; don't read it if you think we have the perfect marriage *grin*!!!!!
I am trying SO hard to get organised on the home-front...
Hubby had a 'wee chat' to me the other day about the lack of housework getting done, and asked me to 'pull my socks up' a bit (or words to that effect)! I know I have a tendancy towards laziness (who doesn't *grin*), and it had been playing on my mind a bit lately also. So we sorted out an 'extra' list of things he'd like to see done each week, and he claimed it would only take an extra 20 minutes a day to get all these things completed (yes I know - I wanted to throw something at him also)!
So the next day I dutifully thought through all the extra things that would need doing THIS week (as some things had been done over the weekend and wouldn't require doing again until next week), and wrote them all down in my dairy as to when I thought I could fit them in... it really doesn't look …
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